WorldCup 2014 Version 1.0.5 Released

worldcup 2014 predictions in Joomla bannerToday we have released version 1.0.5 for our WorldCup 2014 predictions joomla component. You are now able to add open questions to leagues and assign points to this questions so your users may predict more than only a match!

A few small bugfixes ahas been fixed and a plugin has been created. 

The plugin will help you to assign users to a default league and cretaing a profile right after they have registred for your website. This way your users may start predicting right away instead of creating their profile and then start predicting.

WorldCup 2014 Predictions Component For Joomla!

This component allows you to make predictions for the worldcup 2014 with friends, collegues or whoever you like! With the frontend you can fully manager predictions, leagues and teammembers of leagues. The administrator has to fill out the results after a played game and all predictions will be updated and calculated. At the ened you will have one winner in your predictions league!

- Playing and Predicting in unlimited leagues!
- Users may start their own leagues
- Unlimited subleagues possible.
- Private Leagues are possible.
- League owners can give away invitations
- Users with own leagues can administer the leagues themselves.
- Users with own leagues can administer the leagues members themselves.
- Players (users) may play in several (unlimited) leagues.
- When having paid predictions you can administer the payment yourself*
- Avatars are possible in profile
- Avatars from Facebook can be attached easy
- Team and match overviews with country flags
- Prediction Overviews per league
- Scorecards per match available

- All world cup matches are present after installation
- Match overviews contains country flags
- Only backend administrators can change match data.
- Backend administrators triggers the results and updates predictions.
- Backend can manage leagues, profiles and predictions in backend.

* We DO NOT provide any payment plugins as it is not prohibit to predict for money in most of the countries. But you can turn users on and off based on the payment manually. This way your users can keep track in their illegal prediction games :)

Default Points For Predictions:

Correct Winner 5 pts
Correct Goals Home Team 2 pts
Correct Goals Away Team 2 pts
Correct Predicted Due Game* 7 pts
Completely Correct Preditcion 10 pts
Maximum Points Per Prediction 10 pts

* Correctly Predicted due game is for example when you predict 2-2 and the result is 3-3, you have correctly predicted a due game. When you predicted 3-3 the points will be 10!

Ticketmaster 3.1.4 released.

We have released Ticketmaster 3.1.4 a short time ago, this version fixes a few bugs. 

There where possible we have added the %%FIRSTNAME%% tag in the email. (some other where is was not possible we have added the firstname of the customer to the name tag. You may upgrade this version after making a backup of your entire website. No database changes has been done, only files. This is the change log:

Changed Email checker as eregi will become deprecated.(Profile & Checkout Controllers)
Changed The ordering process, not possible anymore to order tickets from the past.
Changed View of the minimum and maximum in the event view.
Added Exit statement in updateCart function, some servers don't stop loading.
Added All mail items have now the varibale %%FIRSTNAME%% (If possible)
Added Coupon Code to the export functionality
Fixed Price in eventlist again, now it is configurable again.
Fixed WaitingList Query --> Code Cleanup
Fixed Problems when publishing the order in the backend.
Fixed Problems when you try to set an order "Refunded"


Ticketmaster 3.1.3 released.

Ticketmaster 3.1.3 has been released, in this version we have added several fixes to small issues in the component. We are now ready to create a version with personalized tickets. All preperations has been done and the component is very stable at this point. Time to add some nice and new functions! When you run Ticketmaster PRO you need to install the newest version of Ticketmaster PRO (V1.1.1) to get everything up and running as expected.

For this realese we fixed and changed the next items:

Added: Check on scans with iCody. You may now turn on/off scanning for tickets
Added: Row Number to Ticket if needed (change in TM-PRO-1.1.1) (Change in ticket creator)
Added: Row Number to Special Ticket if needed (change in TM-PRO-1.1.1) (Change in special ticket creator)
Added: Extra information when loading ticket data from other tickets.
Added: Salutation to the Multi Ticket as requested.
Changed: The phone number to 13 digits
Changed: Barcode and the seatnumber where not uft-8 decoded.
Changed: The maximum amount of ordering. (Some server were not accepting our way of counting)
Changed: The event details page for Ticketmaster Pro which has its own cart now.
Changed: Ticket copy dropdown to show unpublished tickets also.
Changed: Cart & Payment page to show new rowname for pro version if needed.
Fixed: The search in the client overview.


Single Dealer 3.0.2 has been released.

Single Dealer 3.0.1 had some small issues in the Full Stock pages and in the Sold Pages. We have patched these files and created a new releases which available for download now. The fixes in this release:


^ Fixed issue with the full stock menu. Was showing option that are deprecated.
^ Removed issue with the sold vehicles pages. (no need to select a category when adding menu)
^ Fixed the drop down menu in the sold over vehicles overview to show only makes that have status sold.
^ Fixed the query in the category (model) page to show correct vehicles when changing model drop down.
^ Fixed issues in the full stock pages with the drop downs.


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