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iCody WiFi Scanner (Paid Plugins Pack) - € 6,99

Need an entrance scanner and has your venue a working WiFi Connection? Don't look further! This scanner needs only an APP and this plugin!  No limitations on scanning!  This plugin is part of the Paid Plugins Pack! (All other Paid Plugins are included!)

RD-Invoicing For Ticketmaster - € 12,50

Need an invoicing system for Ticketmaster? We have created one for you to do the invoicing part the easy way! Invoices are very configurable and very easy to set up and create! No need to look for a 3rd party!

PayPal Payments Pro (Paid Plugins Pack) - € 6,99

Do you need Credit Card Proceesing without letting customers leaving your site and living in UK, Canada or USA? Then this PayFlow Pro plugin is your solution! This plugin is part of the Paid Plugins Pack! (All other Paid Plugins are included!)

Ticketmaster Pro (Including Ticketmaster) - € 77,00

Do you want to manage your seat within Ticketmaster? Then this is your package! This package is including the normal Ticketmatser component and will extend Ticketmaster with seat charts and higly configurable charts and options!

WorldCup 2014 - € 10,00

Do you need an easy to go predictions script for the WorldCup 2014 in Brazil? This scripts makes your website complete. All predictions features are in especially for the FIFA World Cup! (ONLY JOOMLA 3)

Ticketmaster - € 21,00

Why having a 3rd party to sell your tickets? We have an all in one solution build in Joomla to sell your tickets at your own site! Sold tickets will be automatically created and sent to your customers. You only have to check your payments and bank account.

RD-Autos Single Dealer - € 12,50

RD-Autos is a component for small Garages and Auto Sellers (Single Dealer)! We have also a version (PRO) that can handle adds from several dealers! You can have sellers on your site paying you for their add!

RD-Autos Pro (Multi Dealer) - € 25,00

Selling adds on your website was never been so easy. With RD-Autos Multi Dealer you can have multiple dealers adding vehiucles on your website. And guess what, they have to pay you for their add!

Submit Mail on Content - € 3,50

Do you want to be notified when an admin or publisher is publishing contents on your site? Then Submit Mail on Content is your plugin! It will notify you or other Administrators on Content Submission.

RD-Autos Makes and Models - € 7,00

do you want to save a lot of time? Then you need this CSV files, RD-Autos makes and models database will be filled with 147 makes and 1699 models. ((Last updated 01-01-2012) You can import those with ease from the component.

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