Submit Mail on Content

Do you want to be notified when an admin or publisher is publishing contents on your site? Then Submit Mail on Content is your plugin! It will notify you or other Administrators on Content Submission.

screenshot-content-mailerWe saw some requests in the Joomla forums. People that wants an email when a new article has been posted on the website, or when an article has been updated. You can use it when you have multiple managers that are allowed to add/edit content and you want to notify others when an article has been posted or updated. It can also be used to get notified when your site is hacked and contents are changed or new contents are added.

Functionality of Send Mail on Content Submission:


  • Notify Users who have turned on "Receive System Emails" in user manager.
  • Send to custom address (use the defined custom email addresses)
  • Notify on content update (receive email when content is updated)
  • Custom email address (add mulitple email addresses)
  • Notify on content submission. (All custom addresses and users above)
  • Updated item - Subject (customize email subject for updated items)
  • Updated item - Message (customize email message for updated items)
  • Send article with the email. (configurable)
  • Sends in HTML mail to users and custom addresses.
  • Change mailbody very easy by changing a HTML file.

Requirements for this plugin:

  • Joomla 1.7.3 or later.
  • Mail functionality on server
  • Some HTML knowledgde if you want to edit the template.

Accepted Payments


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