RD-Autos Pro (Multi Dealer)

Selling adds on your website was never been so easy. With RD-Autos Multi Dealer you can have multiple dealers adding vehiucles on your website. And guess what, they have to pay you for their add!

We started writing based on the Free version. And this summer (2009) we started coding again and there it was! RD-Autos 2.0 saw some lights! Off course we do have a lot of sreenshots in our online showroom. Please take a look at the photo gallery.

RD-Autos is compatible with:

Current functionality for RD-Autos Multi Dealer:

- Managing vehicle makes and models.
- CSV Import function for importing vehicles.
- Pro version including makes and models has CSV files for import.
- Every vehicle can hold 12 images.
- Images can be shown in a Lightbox separate and by image-set.
- Featured cars/vehicles on top of list.
- Counting hits per vehicle-view and shown in backend.
- Add and Edit Vehicles from frontend and backend
- Multi Language (Currently looking for translators)
- Vehicles can be sent by email to friends
- More than 70 configuration settings
- Mails are being sent in HTML formats
- 2 Mail addresses per dealer ( To: and Cc: )
- Advanced vehicle search
- Complete User and Dealer management
- Dealers have an overview of adds
- 6 Images per dealer with Lightbox views
- Dealer has own personal page
- Advanced Joomla! Registration
- Ordering Tables in Backend.
- Search Vehicles in Backend.
- Search For Dealers in Backend.
- Submenu per item in Backend.
- Option to use the program for leasing companies
- PayPal integration for payments
- Credit System so dealer can be charged for adds
- Transaction Overview for adds in Dealer Management
- Transaction manager in Backend
- SEF for nice URL’s.
- Copy Vehicles in Backend
- A view to show all vehicles at once.
- Show only Vehicles from one dealer
- Rate the dealer after a sale.

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