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RD-Media / RDProductions
Veerhuisweg 3
8435 SC Donkerbroek, FRL
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce: 01094483
VAT number: NL106565801B01
Twitter: @rdmedia_org

About us

We are a Dutch company, founded in 2006 by Robert Dam. After specializing in web development and hosting, we have shifted our focus to the development of Joomla! extensions in 2008.

We fill our days by supporting, improving and expanding our professional Joomla! extensions, with the goal to make extensions that are both easy to use and powerful. Our vision is to simplify and improve processes for Joomla! users with our extensions, so their goals will become easier to achieve.


To get support, go to "Get Support" in the top menu. Please only use our e-mail address for communication other then technical support, feature requests and pre-sale questions.


We are also looking for translators for our extensions. You should have purchased at least one of our extensions to apply. Active translators get free access to our extensions.

If you want to know more, contact us on

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Do you want to test our components before buying it? That is no problem for us, you can read here more information about our testsite and their logins. Taking a test drive won't cost a thing.

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