Ticketmaster 2.5.4 Available

Today we have released the newest Ticketmaster, this version is improved and we have made some small preparations for Joomla! 3.0. Note: this version does not work in Joomla! 3.0 yet. You will have to wait a little longer for the 3.0 version as we need to change some small things in order to get it working. 

Ticket Cleaning Plugin Released v2.5.4 for Ticketmaster 2.5.4!

We have created a new plugin to remove unfinished tickets. If you don't want to do this manually, you can install this plugin and plublish it. Note; removed orders will never come back into the database, so be carefull with the date and time setting and how fast you are removing unfinished orders.

Ticketmaster Fixes:

  • New Version controller, we're now using CURL and our own API. It will read the newest version directly from our database and gives you a notice when you're outdated.
  • Fixed the cancel button when clicking cancel in the Ticketform
  • Changed some layout issues in the Ticket Overview (Backend)
  • Fixed Ticket counter when adding child tickets, these should not be counted in the parent ticket.
  • Fixed the review profile page, checks for input where not working properly.
  • Changed the ugly buttons into nice CSS3 buttons.
  • Fixed issues with .info registrations, these where not possible and now they are possible.
    Domain names can be up to 4 charachters.
  • Changed some layouts in order to show up better.
    And added some buttons for the Ticketmaster PRO version if installed in your Joomla installation. 
  • Fixed an issue while deleting an item from the shopping cart, everybody who knew the orderid could delete items. [IMPORTANT FIX]
  • The confirmation was not showing the currency correctly, it was showing an euro sign constantly. It will now take the right currency from the configuration.
  • The confirmation has a changed date format, we where showing the eventdate instead of the ticketdate.
  • Changed the upcoming page to show events nearby, it was never showing events for the same day.
  • Added the correct marker to the Google maps functionality. (event Details View) (BID# 18)
  • Changed the javascript when hitting the close button during ticket add.(BID# 27

Ticketmaster Addons:

  • We have added 2 free text fields in when adding tickets. These are available on the ticket. And can be positioned on the ticket where you like.
  • You can have decimals for Ordering Fee and Variable Costs.
  • Added pagination to the event page.
  • We have now created an automatic backup function to the synchronize button, sometimes you hit the synchro button in the backend and you lost to much orders as yor client has not confirmed the order. These will be removed, but you want them back so you can now import them again with PHP MyAdmin.
  • Changed submenu in order to work with Ticketmaster PRO
  • Automated removal of unfinished tickets. (only when turned on in the config) This will only remove tickets that are unfinished (without userid), this way we can keep the ticket totals better updated. Why? We did this because the seating plans needs to be updated regulary as seats stays booked if not cleaned.
  • We have now styles the inputboxes on the pages (Look and feel are also important)
  • Ticket Ordering, we have created our own AJAX ordering system, this way you can order the ticket easy and the way you want. Just by adding the numbers in the boxes.
  • Changed the order confirmation, it will now send out an email with detailed information again. And can be used in the paybycheck plugin also.  Read More
  • Added configuration for the upcoming PRO version. You need to able to turn on/off things for the PRO version. We have already build it in this version of Ticketmaster.
  • You may now choose an image for the PDF file. In earlier version, you needed to create your own PDF file and upload it to your server, this was the template for your ticket. If an image is present we do use this one. 
    Read More About Image backgrounds
  • Prepared the fontcolor for PRO users. (Will only be used when Ticketmaster Pro is installed)
  • Prepared the fontsize and position for the seatnumner. (Will only be used when Ticketmaster Pro is installed)
  • Changed the Longitude and Latituse system as we had to fix an issue (BID# 18) with it. You may now choose your own Longitude and latitue at Google. More info

Ticketmaster Deprecated:

  • We have removed the location and location information when adding tickets.
    This has been replaced with 2 free text boxes which are also available in the ticket.
    The old location info and location_information fields will be removed from the database in version 2.5.5

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