Ticketmaster Pro with Seating Charts Released!

It took me a long time to make it, but it is finished now! Ticketmaster may be extended with seating charts! We called it Ticketmaster Pro. A completely AJAX driven seating chart solution with drag and drop functionality to give every seat a nice place on your theatre or whatever you like. In the backend you can upload (JPG) images and drag every seat onto it's place. If you have placed all seats customers will be able to order tickets with seat numbers. 

Ticketmaster Pro Funtionality:

  • Allow people to choose their own seat within an order.
  • Upload your own seat charts. (JPG File)
  • Drag and drop yor seats to the right position in the seat chart.
  • Define prices per row/section.
  • Define seat sizes EG: 14px x 14px for Row A and another size for Row B
  • Define your own seat colors, this way you can show different rows in different colors.
  • Define seats per child ticket (Ticketmaster Feature) or allow to choose every seat with different prices.
  • Delete ordered seats from cart (drag and drop solution).
  • Completely AJAX driven.
  • Seats will be chosen in a Fancy Mediabox Popup!
  • All functionality as Ticketmaster (The Basics)
  • Row+Seat Number printed on the tickets.

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