Ticketmaster 2.5.5 Released!

Today we present the new Ticketmaster 2.5.5 version for Joomla 2.5! A lot of bug fixes because Mark and Ben reported many bugs and small issues to us. An overview can be found here: http://rd-media.org/ticketmaster/issuetracker-ticketmaster.html 

The addons and major fixes we have done:

  • Added a Coupon System (Configurable, so you may turn it off)
  • Changed all payment plugins in order to work with Ticketmaster 2.5.5
  • Changed the admin into Bootstrap! (Joomla 3.0 Ready)
  • Tables in the frontend has been changed to look better.
  • Tickets may now be in A4 or A5 / Landscape or Portrait
  • Tickets can be conbined before sending. Customers won't get lots of attachement, but only one!

We haven't test the frontend in Joomla 3.0 yet, so we cannot confirm that it is working. At the moment we also prepared the component for our own scanning API, we've requested some quotes for a native Ticketmaster scanner. So in the Control Panel you may see a code that is currently useless.

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