Ticketmaster 3.0.1 released!

Today we have released the new Tickemtaster 3.0.1 version, this version has a view bugfixes and some small new addons. It also fixes some issues with the Ticketmaster pro version and has some new bootstrapped templates when running Joomla 3 (newest version has been tested) We have also replaced some functionality that has been deprecated in PHP 5.4.

Nice New Templates For Jooml 3 Versions!

It has been bootstrapped, that is just one of the things, and the template has been changed in the payment screen in order to make it more bootstrap :) See the screenshot below for the nice addon:


For a complete list of the fixes, please hit the read more button below :)

- Changed the MySQL query to get the configuration. Firstly we were picking up the complete configuration now improved the query. (Affects: J2.5 & J3.1)
- Added bootstrap template to the upcoming event page. If bootstrap is available and/or you’re running Joomla 3+ this template will be loaded. (Affects: J2.5 & J3.1)
- Made a template switcher, you may now choose if the bootstrap is loaded or the normal templates are being loaded. Note; Not all pages have the bootstrap yet.
File: [component-root-frontend]/assets/functions.php
- Added component parameters for the frontend.
- Eventlist view has been renewed and added some new functionality (simple List View and an informational View. Settings can be done by the component parameters.
- Added Contact person/Email Address & phone Number to the venue details.
- Added Links to Venue and Venue Events!
- Fixed issue with addBCC in send on payment class, confirmation class and the resend tickets class.
- Fixed the issue with the saver ordering button. (Parent Tickets will also being ordered in 3.01)
- Changed the Query for supporting Ticketmaster Pro and force people to choose their tickets.
- Fixed issues with a discount of 100%, no fees needs to be calculated then.
- Fixed issues with the free checkout plugin, upgraded to 3.0 and added coupon support. It was not working with a 100% discount.
- Added a venue details page, so people can navigate from event to the venue details and see all tickets for this venue.
- Fixed saving a ticket without choosing the right select boxes.


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