Ticketmaster 3.0.4 released.

We had nointentions at all creating an upgrade this short for our vacation, but Google Maps stopped wrking so wee needed to upgrade Ticketmaster and bring the fixes for Google Maps. In version 3.0.4 we have done some small changes. 

^ 17-08-2013 - Fixed Google Maps Issue (API V3 in backend added.
^ 13-08-2013 - Fixed an issue with a PRO query for unchosen tickets. 
^ 10-08-2013 - Fixed issue with direct link to payment pages as selectable in the config.
^ 07-08-2013 - Fixed the router in order to work better (Thanks Marc)
^ 04-08-2013 - Changed ticket cleaner to be more secure (Thanks Marc!)
^ 31-07-2013 - Fixed background image in the PDF class. The script did not detect the size of the ticket.
+ 30-07-2013 - Added link to the activation email (customers can now click the activation link)
+ 29-07-2013 - Changed query for showing remarks in the export files.
^ 29-07-2013 - Fixed query to show the sent tick again..
+ 29-07-2013 - Added %%PASSWORD%% and %%USERNAME%% to activation email. (read more)

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