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code-readrWe have received this question very often, how do I scan my tickets at the entrance? There are a few ways to check your barcodes at the door. But they are mostly very expensive. Example: A handscanner with software will cost you $400 at least (as far as I could find in 15 minutes searching). But you also want to earn some money at your event, so we have take a look at the internet and in our forums. Some you where already talking about codeREADr.

We have taken a look at their possibillities. And contacted their developement team.

Scan, record, track, validate barcodes and collect data with your smartphone!

This software is compatible with the next smartphones:

  • IPhone 4th Generation. (tested by RD-Media - Fast Scanning)
  • IPod Touch 4th Generation. (tested by RD-Media - Fast Scanning)
  • Smartphones with Android OS. (tested by RD-Media - Scanning Slower than Apple)
  • BlackBerry 6.

Big advantage: Most of you do already have a smartphone, so this won't cost you more. :) And the costs for scanning at your entrance is low as the App is completely free. And the subscriptions with codeREADr is low.

Here the smallest pricing plan:

  • 1 Device
  • Overage is $9.99/device
  • Unlimited Scans, Services and Users.

You're charged for the plan's base fee on the first day of your monthly billing cycle, which is determined by the day of the month you register for a paid plan. Any device overage fees you incur over that month are paid on the last day of the cycle.

You have control over your plan. Feel free to cancel or change plans at any time - you can choose to upgrade in seconds and just pay the difference, or wait until the start of your next billing cycle. If you downgrade, your changes will go into effect the next month.

The mobile scanning revolution has arrived.

Record Scans On Device: Save scans directly to your device when network connectivity is unavailable.
This function won't check/validate for duplicates and is not advised by us.

Validate Scans On device: If you need to validate your scans against a database, download the associated database to your device before scanning. Scan results are instantly validated against the downloaded database and saved locally. But you can't use more than one device then. Because data is not validated in a database.

Remote Databases
If your database is permanently located on a remote server (in this case your website), we use the Postback URL service to save the effort of migration. With Postback URL, once the barcode value is scanned by a device, it is transmitted to codeREADr's servers, which then passes it to your remote server for recording, validation, and responding back to the device.

In version 1.0.14 we have implemented the last option (Remote Databases) to validate your tickets. You can now check the tickets at the event with a simple smartphone. So you will be sure no duplicates are coming in to your event. And the costs for this functionality in Ticketmaster is completely free!! We're offering tis as a standard withing the component.


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