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  • 2020
  • GDPR - New Privacy Policy

    We have updated our privacy poicy as required by the EU regulations. This privacy policy sets out how RD-Media uses and protects any information that you giveus when you use this website. When visiting the site records on behalf of RD-Media || Robert Dam RDProductions personal and extra data for internal record keeping. We may use the information to improve our products and services.

    We will never share your details with any third parties.

  • RD-Subs & RD eTickets Update

    OK.. This took some time, due to personal health issues I was not able to update more often. But we're back on track!! We have to released a new version of RD e-Tickets and RD-Subscriptions last week. This means that your able to upgrade your version to the latest version. For RD-Subscriptions we did some minor changes. For RD e-Tickets we did a bigger update, we're updating the full backend and mergin V4 items into this versions.

    This means that we're not doing a big big big majosr update to V4 but doing it in parts so it is easier for you all to keep this instalation running and porting to V4 slowly :)

    Some big improvements in RD e-Tickets:

    1. All backend pages do have a new searchbar now.
    2. 90% of the code has been refactored and updated.
    3. Made cleaner pages and improving information.
    4. Added an index checker to speed up the pages in the backend.
    5. Added a new API to get tin GeoLocation of a venue.
    6. Rebuild the coupon counting system

  • Black Friday Deals 2017

    The time to get amazing discounts has come. Black Friday is round the corner and we're making it better by clubbing it with some great Deals on all our extensions.
    We are giving 30% OFF on all the extensions. Grab your favourite extension now! And get an amazing discount. This promo will end at 30/11/2017!

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  • RD-Subscriptions 2.5.0 Released

    It took us some time to produce a new version and guess what.. When we were ready for a release something went wrong on the server. So we picked up 2.4.1 again and started wrirting everything again. Now we have a refurbished Deployment environment and added some exciting features to the newest version of RD-Subscriptions. You can read them here: we have integrated Dropbox with full support for invoices and files. 
    Having any issues? Let us know!

  • RD-Autos 4.0.2 Released - Thanks Joomill

    Jeroen from Joomill has been reporting all kind of small issues in RD-Autos and we're happy to fix them all. Today we received 5 new small issues and fixed them immediately. So RD-Autos 4.0.2 has been released with some minor bugs fixed. Most of you won't even mention it, but it has to be good!
    Don't wait with upgrading as you might run into a small issue :) 

    Thanks Jeroen for reporting bugs to us so we can improve the component :)

  • RD-Autos 4.0.1 released

    Today we fixed some small issues in the RD-Autos 4 version! When using the multilanguage functionality, please update your vesion right away to prevent small issues!

    [BUGFIXED] #014 Delete translation in options, was not deleting anything.
    [BUGFIXED] #017 Fixed some PHP notices in the scripts and on the PHP log.
    [BUGFIXED] #018 Fixed issue when creating a translation for an option
    [IMPROVED] #019 Edit Translations was only possible by checkbox - added link.

    Do you experience any issues with the component or one of the plugins? Please don't hesitate to contact us. 

  • Winterdeals from our partners!

    This holiday season finds us all together celebrating with family and friends! Since these holidays are all about giving, our colleagues and partners below have also decided to join the mood and give festive Joomla discounts! Take a look at the discounts from Weppsol, Joomill, and NorrNext, they are all providing a 30% discount on their packages/subscriptions. 

    Please click the "Readmore" button to tak advantage of all those nice gifts from our partners!


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  • Happy Holidays!

    It is allmost this far, Christmas and a New Year! We had a very busy year with one big new component; RD-Subscriptions was released at the beginning this year. And now the end of the year is coming close! Many updates for RD-Subscriptions has been released and this is all because of you! All bigs small and big ones could be fixed and many new features has been released already. 

    RD-Autos V4 was released shortly and this massive update made it Joomla-proof for the upcoming versions. All deprecated code has been removed and many old files has been removed. For RD e-Tickets we're currently doing the same, cleaning many code and make it bullet-proof for the upcoming Joomla versions!

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  • Black Friday Discount - Coupon RDM2016BF

    From 25-28th of November Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here! Get your discount now!! The discount will be applied on the full order and is not limited.. Please use the coupon RDM2016BF during the checkout and get a nice discount from us!

    Hurry up! There are also a few partners with awesome discounts! Checkout the discounts below!!

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  • Single Dealer & RD e-Tickets

    OK, we did spend much time to RD-Subscriptions the last months.. But behind the scenes we are also working an cleaning our RD-Autos component. For RD e-Tickets we will do the same as for RD-Autos. It will be rebuild to new stnadards and cleaning up many code. I know this takes lots of time as I am doing it all alone. 
    But for both products we have updates soon. In first place RD-Autos which has a complete cleanup and rebuild behind the views..

    We'll keep you posted!

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