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  • 2020

    Some small releases has been done and today we have released a new version (2.2.3) with some small bug fixes and improvements. What about showing specific products to logged in users only? Yes, this became possible also!! Now in the product view the component will check the settings to see if someone may be looking and ordering specific products. 

    Another (bit more) critical bug has been fixed, the component gave random renewal discounts to customers which were not customer at all.. Time to upgrade? YES!!

  • RD-Subscriptions 2.2.0 released.

    OK, it took some time to fix those bugs and improving the component with a massive amount of feature requests. [READ MORE] This is the first release of all features we wanted to get in. There are coming some other nice features which will be implemented in version 3! Version 3 will hold a release system, this has been requested by more customers as it is being used in Akeeba Release System.. We want it too!! But it needs to be backward compatible with older versions and persons who don't want to use it at all :) 

    Happy selling!

  • Google Analytics for RD-Subscriptions

    Today we have published the new Ecommerce Plugin for Google Analytics, simply track your sales and conversions from RD-Subs into Google Analytics. Now you're up2date with sales, visitors and pageviews! That is not the only useful from this plugin, you can olso see how many products you're selling and which is the best product you have! The plugin installation is very simple and in a few click you have the needed information.

  • RD-Subscriptions 2.0.4 has been released.

    Minor bug fixes and a new addon has been done in 2.0.4. We have added an automatic VAT updater system, this means that on the nightly cron you're running it is connecting our GIT repository automaically and checks the rates in your database with current rates as listed at instead of a plugin or API you need to instal yourself we have added this ourself and doing this request once a day at midnight. 

  • Stripe Payment Plugin for RD-Subscriptions!

    Hooray, we needed to be pushed, but we have now written a Stripe payment plugin which can handle cards from all over the world! Just signup for free with Stripe and start selling in minutes! The stripe plugin is using the new 2.0.0 codebase s you can use it in RD-Subscriptions below 2.0.0 as it won't work then!

  • RD-Subscriptions 2.0.0 available!

    RD-Subscriptions 2.0.0 has been released, this major release fixes many small bugs and some major changes in the database. When you're a subscriber of our component you have been notified by email with someinstructions what to do when things go wrong. You can also read the steps below when you're a subscriber of RD-Subscriptions PRO, FREE or a Lifetime subscription. The main change to make the version numbering 2.0.0 are some database changes in the component, and some new improved functionality. 

    Read More Information
  • RD E-Tickets 3.4.11 released

    We have released version 3.4.11 which fixes minor issues and improves the message class we have implemented lately. We have also mentioned all message variables that are available in the messages on the right sidebar of the template manager. 
    Now you have a complete overview which variables can be used where and there. Only payment plugins might have extra variables and information blocks, please see the messages FAQ in the documentation to see what can be used there.

  • RD E-Tickets 3.4.10 released

    Due to issues with the captcha form in the component, we needed to check the code and discovered a change in the Joomla Captcha plugin which was cuasing some issues in our component. This has been fixed in RD e-Tickets 3.4.10 which is solving this issue. We hope that these kind of issues are now not being changed without knowing it at all.

    It is now possible to turn the captcha on and off again :) 

  • RD-Autos Single Dealer 3.3.7 released!

    We have released version 3.3.7 for RD-Autos Single Dealer, in this version we made preparations for the Autoscout pack. This means we have added some triggers and with the new AutoScout plugin which will be released shortly you're able to upload your vehicles directly to Autoscout. 
    Another request we've got often is to remove the sidebar and make a nother kind of menu to increase the screen working area!

  • New versions RD-Subscriptions PRO & FREE

    We have upgraded RD-Subscriptions to version 1.0.6 PRO and 1.0.8 FREE! Minor issues has been solved and some new usefull has been added to the component. Currently we're looking at a new statistics program so you can see more details of your site sales, downloads and many stats more! Having questions or do you need specific fucntionlaity? Please let us know!

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