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  • 2020
  • PayPal Express Available for RD e-Tickets

    We've had the question pretty often, do you support Paypal Express and we had to answer "No" all the time! Now the time was there to create a new plugin for RD e-Tickets to support PayPal Express also! When using the old Paypal Express you can simply install this one, check the messages used in the PayPal plugin and fill out the API username, password and signature to make use of the PayPal Express plugin!

    Happy selling!

  • Upgrade RD e-Tickets and Joomla 3.5.1

    You have all seen the new version of Joomla in the last few days, this Joomla upgrade caused some issues in RD e-Tickets so we had to upgrade RD e-Tickets to make it compatible with 3.5.1 - This has been done in the latest version of RD e-Tickets (v3.4.9) which is now also operating in Joomla 3.5.1
    So when you're upgrading your Joomla to the latest version, then use the latest RD e-Tickets too to avoid issues in the mailer system. 

  • RD-Subscriptions 1.0.5 Pro & 1.0.6 Free released

    We did some speedchecks and some minor issues has been fixed in the Subscriptions component. So we have fixed minor issues and added some small functionalities to improve searching in the component screens. Also a very new cool feature came in while rewriting a part of the coupon sections. It is now possible to have more coupons with the same code. The component picks the highest one!

  • RD e-Tickets 3.4.6 released.

    today we have fixed some issues which were detected in previous versions of RD e-Tickets, to fix these minor issues please upgrade to the latest version of the component to get rid of these issues. To fully read the changelog and fixed we did, please read the release notes in the download section.

  • PayPal Express 1.0.1 for RD-Subscriptions

    For RD-Subscriptions we just released version 1.0.1 which fixes a small issue with the price in emails and success messages. Another small fix is that emails are being sent again which was failing in version 1.0.0. Please download the latest version now and get rid of the small bugs :)

  • Released RD-Subscriptions 1.0.3

    Today we have released version 1.0.3 for RD-Subscriptions which fixes some bugs reported by our users, the fix will include some issues in the email template system and sending emails to BCC addresses. It also fixes an issue when using a PHP version below 5.5, these installations are now alos working. 

    What are we intend to build? We're obtaining statistics which will be build soon, currently the component is receiving data by the crontab and saving this in the database but it will be visible as soon as possible. 

  • New release system build for faster updating!

    All our components are now built by our new release system, which takes care of wrapping up the components, modules and plugins! This means no manually wrapping up files and making databases to be sure that everybody comes in :) It is only developing the component fixes addons and any other thigs we want to add and just click a button to release it fully automatical to our new website! 

    We hope to give you more and faster updates now!

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  • RD e-Tickets 3.4.1 released

    Last friday we did an upgrade in RD e-Tickets where we cleaned the full backend in code and functionality. Many many small issues has been resolved and today we received a request to decrease the fields during the registration for the ordered tickets. So we made this configurable in the configuration now. For those who are not yet using the automatic Joomla updates in the component, this should be working properly also now :) So just enter your download ID and let Joomla notify you when an update is available. More information about the latest 2 releases can be found here.

  • Released RD-Autos 3.3.6

    Today we have released RD-Autos version 3.3.6 which have a small fix on version 3.3.5 and we made some preparations on the tables to offer a PRO verison later this year. So if you're running version 3.3.5 it is higly recommended to upgrade to the new 3.3.6 release to avoid a Fatal Error. 

  • Release Discount Code: RDSUBS2016

    Are you struggling with Subscription Management in Joomla? And want to offer paid or free subscriptions and downloads for your components, modules or plugins? Or maybe you just need to sell content subscriptions or anything you like to sell with a subscription! This is your chance to get one of the most advanced Subscriptions Managers in Joomla! RD-Subscriptions offers all the basics for your download portal within the favorite Joomla! CMS. No need to upload all files many times for one product or difficult to understand how it works, we have it all!

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All our components are fully based on the Joomla API, this gives us flexibility so we can guarantee the quality of our products. When Joomla moves on, we're also moving on!