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  • 2020
  • RD-Autos 3.3.5 released.

    Today we have released RD-Autos 3.3.5 which solves some small issues with the importing models script. Now it imports correctly and removes the last empty record which is being added by the script. We made also changes to the upgrade scripts which are now checking if columns exsists before trying to add new ones. As we have a new site we also needed to have a new release script, so we created also changes to let the release script do everything automated so we can upgrade faster and hopefully more often :)

  • New website launched

    We recently switched to our new website with our own brand new Subscriptions component, this means we have changed a lot in the download sections and hope to made it more clear to everyone. We still have to add new FAQ's and more documentation. When having any questions, just let us know and we will add the FAQ directly to the FAQ Sections of our new website.

  • UEFA 2016 for RD-Predictions

    OK, we had a lot to do before we could start with this awesome component again, but... we're on track and updating everything for Joomla 3.5 and higher. Some functionality will become deprecated but nice features are going to be added again. At the moment all queries and JRequests will be removed from the component and then we can move on with automation :) Yes, this time we will become able to update your predictions and standings automatically.

  • Single Dealer 3.3.3 released.

    We have released version 3.3.3 of Single Dealer which solves a few issues and we have added The Joomla Updater for Automated Downloads. 
    This gives you the abillity to update the component in one click!
    More information can be found here. Update availble, one click and upgraded :)  

    Fixes For Single Dealer 3.3.3

    #35: jQuery noConflict() mode changed.
    #30: Category Ordering not working properly
    #32: Could not enquire/send a friend without reCaptcha
    #33: Issues with pricing in overviews.
    #34: Automatic Updater by Joomla with Key
    #25: Parts ordering was not working properly
    #29: Send a Friend gives Token error

  • RD e-Ticket 3.3.4 released.

    Today we have released version 3.3.4 for RD e-Tickets. This version fixes a few bugs for people with specific settings. If you are using RD e-Tickets 3.3.3 or lower you want to upgrade to RD e-Tickets 3.3.4 to fix these issues. For those who still don't know about the Joomla updater... Yes, this is now possible also, just enter the download ID in your Control Panel and Joomla will detect all new versions of RD e-Tickets. Where to find this download ID?

    Fixes for RD e-Tickets 3.3.4:

    #44: Configuration not loaded correctly checkout pages.
    #43: Synchro button gives error
    #42: Text in invoice needs UTF8 decoding to print special characters.
    #10: Make download button configurable.
    #40: Make save buttons
    #45: All orders triggers the Waitinglist

  • Appointment Manager 1.3.5 released.

    This is a rebuild of the RD-Bookings 1.3.3 script but we have improved all queries and removed all deprecated Joomla code. This was still working but in upcoming releases Joomla wll remove this code. Below you will find a short list of all changes:

    #13: Move grid creator functionality to backend class.
    #16: Prijzen frontend uit kunnen zetten. (1.3.5)
    #14: Change H3 tags in frontend into H1 tags. (1.3.5)
    #15: MySQL after editing an Employee. (1.3.5)
    #12: Completely remove JRequest from component. (1.3.5)

    Overall: Added checks on saving a form.
    Overall: Added employee selecteor in the configuration.
    Overall: Change all queries to new Query structure. (Completed)
    Overall: Added Joomla Automatic Updater script. No need to download component manually anymore.

  • RD e-Ticket 3.3.2 released.

    Version 3.3.1 was the first release for a rebuild and we discovered some small bugs in the script. Please patch your version as soon as possible to avoid issues:

    Issue #34: Apostrophe in Custom Field causes SQL error
    Issue #35: Coupon value is not updated.
    Issue #36: Username check not working on all servers.
    issue #37: Information.xml JForm not found.


  • RD e-Ticket 3.3.1 released!

    Yes, it took us a bunch of time, but today we're ready to launch version 3.3.1 of RD e-Tickets. All functionality has been checked and all deprecated Joomla stuff that was still in use has been removed. Now we can take some steps again to improve the component and add new fancy functionality. Another great new option is automatic updates by the Joomla updater! No need to log in anymore to our website to download the latest release! Just click and go from your own backend!
    Just fill out the download ID from our website into the Control Panel and hoppa! you're ready to go as long as the subscription is valid! With this release and the new updater functionality we will try to create more updates to RD e-Tickets!

    In the feature we will try to blog some more, no blogging is not the strongest part of me. I like the coding and support more then putting som blog items in my website. For now, enjoy the new RD e-Tickets version and when you encounter any issues just ring the bell so we can update the component and release a fix for everybody!

  • Single Dealer 3.3.0 released.

    Today we have released a new version of RD-Autos Single Dealer, no big changes in the frontend but under the hood we have made it compatible with all upcoming Joomla versions. So no need to change when Joomla 3.5 or maybe Joomla 4.0 is coming. We're ready to serve you! Forthis version we have added the Site Title from the config to the browser heading and replaced the old fashion captcha with the re-Captcha from Joomla.Further we made some small bug fixes and changed all queries to be more efficient!

  • RD e-Ticket 3.2.5 released.

    Today we have released the latest Joomla 2.5 supporting version for RD e-Tickets. A few small bugs has been done and the error in the backend has been gone. From now on we will stop creating Joomla 2.5 compatible RD e-Tickets versions. It is time to move on and upgrade your Joomla version to Joomla! 3

    Joomla 3.0.0 was released in September 2012 (almost 3 years ago) and since then, Joomla 3 has become the de-facto Joomla version - much easier to learn, faster in performance and overall a better choice. Upgrading Joomla from version 2.5 to version 3 is peanuts in most cases. However, still some site owners simply do not do this - they stick to Joomla 2.5 because not upgrading requires zero effort. Still, the same site owners keep working on their site - adding more extensions and making their site more complex. This strategy is wrong and is bound to fail. Joomla 2.5 is no longer supported by the Joomla project since end of 2014, meaning that stalling the upgrade is really a bad thing to do.

    We recommend everybody that is still on Joomla 2.5 to upgrade ASAP. If you are hesitant about upgrading, please be wise and setup a testing environment first (a copy of your current Joomla 2.5 site) and see how the upgrade goes.

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