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  • 2020
  • Single Dealer 3.2.0 for Joomla 3 available!

    Today we have moved on with Single Dealer, we have released version 3.2.0 which is only compatible with Joomla 3. Many improvements and bug fixes has been done. And guess what? We have upgraded the component with a Route Planning and Part Selling section as this was requested pretty often. Please make sure you have created a backup of your website and upgrade your version!

  • New!! Stripe plugin for RD e-Ticket

    We have released our new Stripe plugin, Accept payments from anyone, anywhere!! Stripe currently supports businesses in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and many European countries. You can instantly accept payments from around the world. Installation and setup in just minutes. To show you how easy it is to integrate we would like to let your read the FAQ! e-Tickets.html

  • Update for Auto in Content Plugin - Version 3.0

    We have made a small change in the RD-Autos in Content plugin. When there was no image available the component did nothing with the image tag so it looked very ugly. We have now added a place holder with no image available. It looks now more proffesional for your customers. When the image "Not available" is not available in your component the plugin will copy it there.

  • Released Git to FTP Deployment without SSH

    Deploying a website was never this easy!! Are you tired of writing down or remember what files you have changed? This component will help you out! We assume we you're using GIT to track your changes.

    This component will upload the files to your server when you're pushing everything to Github or BitBucket! Changed/added files will be uploaded by FTP to your server (production/staging or any other server you like! As said above, deploying a website was never this easy! You work on your local XAMPP/WAMPP/LAMPP server where GIT is installed. After you push the changes to your Git Account the component will deploy it automatically on your staging or production server! What?? Yes, you can use unlimited staging servers, test servers or production servers!

    And after the tests on your development server was succesfull, you deploy the same changes in only 3 clicks to another server!

  • RD e-Ticket 3.2.4 released.

    We have released RD e-Tickets 3.2.4 for Joomla, this new version has some fixes that are reported by Yves (Thank you for reporting Yves!!). And w ehave implemeted a great new feature, You may now request specific data from your customers per order!

    The forms are based on the JForm within Joomla and will be extended in upcoming versions. you will be able to request data per Ticket and per order This is a great new feture that makes ticket selling more attractive!

  • Quick RD e-Ticket 3.1.7 Release

    We just released a bug fixing release for RD e-Tickets 3.1.6, for some reasons after the update of Joomla 2.5.25 it stopped working. We have now fixed some issues and made it comatible with Joomla 2.5 again. In meanwhile we are writing version 3.2.0 with invoicing for RD e-Tickets integrated. Als RD e-Tickets PRO has been re-designed! 

  • Appointment Manager Released

    Today we have launched our newest component "Appointment Manager For Joomla 3". This component will help you and or your customers to arrange your online reservations and appointments. This is the most flexible and extended component to make appointments in Joomla! 

    With this Appointment Manager For joomla 3 for Joomla you will have a fully responsive booking system which can be used for any kind of services. Example: Hairdressers, Beauty Saloons or anything else where bookings are needed!!

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  • How to make a backup with Akeeba?

    Akeeba Backup is a Joomla component that allows you to create and manage complete backups of your Joomla website. Although the component has many functions, in this tutorial we will show you how to use it to create a single backup of your website and store it locally on your hard drive. (it is very important to make a a backup frequently!) If you want to automate it, you may want to checkout Watchful also!

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  • New Makes And Model Databases

    We have now added 2 brand new makes and models databases. The old one is being deprecated but this 2 new makes and models database for (auto databases) are ready to use. We created a a database with 60 makes and +/- 900 models which gives you all common makes and models all over the world. The extended database has 108 makes and 1812 makes and models, but pretty much makes are not build and sold anymore.

  • RD e-Tickets  3.1.6 has been released.

    Today we have released RD e-Tickets 3.1.6, a new version with some bug fixes and some new addons. It took us some time create the newest version due to projects and a newborn in the family. But finaly we have tested allmost everything again and fixed reported bugs. The order overview in the backend is new to the component.

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