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  • 2020
  • RD-Autos Single Dealer Version 3.1.1 Released

    Today we have released the new version for RD-Autos Single Dealer, this version is a bugfixing release with the latest reported bugs in version 3.1.0. Please make sure you make a backup when upfraging the component to avoid issues. We can't support you if you don't have a proper working backup before upgraded to this version.

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  • RD-Autos Single Dealer Version 3.1.0 Released

    Today we have released the new version for RD-Autos Single Dealer, this version has a few improvements and some bugfixes. Please installe this version to get yourself updated with the newest functions. We have prepared some plugin triggers so that newer version will be possible in the near future. It will become possible to update other webservices after saving a vehicle or in the future to make PDF files when the vehicles are saved.
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  • Worldcup 2014 - V1.0.8 Released!

    Today we have released version 1.0.8 for the Worldcup 2014 component. If you are running an olde rversion, please be sure you have this version installed. We have fixed a critical bug that makes it possible in older versions to predict during the game when people are not refreshing the page.
    Other useful addons are the Forced Predictions date, this make sit possible to turn all predictions off at a specific time!
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  • PayPal Payment Plugin 3.0.2 with IPN released

    From now on, all your transactions are bing processed, also when a customer doesn't return back to your website. When turning on the IPN messenger in PayPal and turning it on in the Plugin, PayPal will send extra messages to your server to make sure the payment is being processed in your website and the tickets are still being sent.

    Note: This plugin is only working in RD e-Tickets 3.1.0, when you are using an older version then contact us.

  • PayPal Pro Payment Plugin (US/CA) RD e-Tickets

    Today we have released a new plugin for RD e-Tickets, PayFlow Pro (PayPal Pro) and wil connect PayPal without leaving your website. It takes CreditCard transactions with a few clicks, send the creditcard number and process the payment without going to another website. This is currently only possible in Canada, USA, UK and Australia

  • Automatic Cleanup Plugin for Joomla 3 released.

     Today we have updated the plugin Automatic Cleanup for Joomla 3 and higher! Install the plugin and publish it right away. After installation turn on Automatic Cleanup in the RD e-Tickets Configuration. It will delete all unfinished orders on every page refresh, it will allmost not decrease the speed of your site if you have enough visitors.

  • Updated Pay By Check (Wired Transfer) Plugin

    Today we have released the new version of the Wired Transfer Plugin (PayByCheck). It has some small changes as the previous version was conflicting when loading the message ID# from the database. Please update your version to this one. When upgrading you should update your plugin parameters

  • Chill Creations has implemented OmniKassa to RD e-Tickets!

    Great News for Dutch customers! We are now connected to OmniKassa too! One of our partner developers Chill Creations has integrated OmniKassa into RD e-Tickets. In short terms this means, that every Dutch Payment Type is valid and usable in RD e-Tickets! ccOmniKassa makes it easy to implement the Rabobank OmniKassa payment!

  • PayFast Plugin for RD e-Tickets Available

    Today we have added the PayFast plugin for South African users. The plugin is donated by JetWeb Website Development, Optimisation & Hosting and by their support we could add this newly created plugin for Joomla 2.5 and 3+  Thanks to JetWeb! The documetation is online!

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