RD e-Tickets (Basic)

RD e-Tickets (Basic)

Why having a 3rd party to sell your tickets? We have an all in one solution especially for Joomla to sell your tickets at your own site! Sold tickets will be automatically created and sent to your customers. You only have to check your payments and bank account.Payments will also be handled by RD e-Tickets, several payment providers available. Is yours not listed? Please contact us and we will see what we can do!

Functionality for RD e-Tickets:

  • Tickets are being cretaed in PDF format
  • Single Tickets and Multi Tickets available
  • Automatic sending tickets on checkout.
  • Upcoming events sorted by month ascending
  • Clients can add remarks during the checkout
  • Manual payments can be chosen during checkout
  • Fully configurable automated emails
  • Every email template may be changed to your needs
  • Confirmations to customers will be sent in PDF format
  • Has own PDF library onboard
  • Writes an unique barcode on every ticket ( EAN / QR )
  • Search options at backend
  • Customer overview at the backend
  • Tickets can be resend to customer
  • Full information at customer view 
  • Every Venue has its own detail page with all events.
  • iCody Scanning Overview
  • Onboard Invoicing
  • Payment API for 3rd party Payment Processors..
  • Shopping cart checkout
  • PayPal integration with automatic return and IPN!
  • SEF/SEO Urls for better search results in Google
  • Transactions overview with full Payment Information
  • Export of all sold tickets in XLS format
  • Manual cleanup and synchronisation possible (also cronjob)
  • Multiple types of tickets per event (Adult/Childs/VIP and so on)
  • Unlimited categories and tickets.
  • Waiting List (Customers may signup for a ticket is sold out)
  • Venue Support  
  • Completely configurable PDF files  
  • Every event another ticket layout with JPG/PDF
  • Automatic user creation (Short Checkout) 
  • Captcha Support during signup
  • Automatic Login after registration.
  • Google Maps For Venues





Customers needs signup as user in your Joomla user database (this will be done fully automatically) This cannot be turned off!

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Shopping Cart

Currently no.

Scanning Barcodes

For most events you also need a scanning interface, RD e-Tickets has 2 scanning applications which can be used for scanning. CodeReadr & ICody Wifi Scanning, both are able to scan multiple barcodes which are directly sent to RD e-Tickets to validate them. 

CodeReadr (Free)


ICody WiFi Scanning (€ 6,99)


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All our components are fully based on the Joomla API, this gives us flexibility so we can guarantee the quality of our products. When Joomla moves on, we're also moving on!