The configuration will be used everywhere in the system, please check what you have entered and test everything before going live. From the Control Panel you can click on the "Options" button in the toolbar. From there the component will take you to the Configuration Screens. 

Another way to access the Configuration of the component is by ging to the Global Joomla Configuration and choose RD-Subscriptions in the left bar. 

rdsubs configuration

In the black bordered navigation menu, you can find the various sections in the configuration. (Note: Some parts are not visible for the Free version) 


The general settings contains the "Currency" settings, the date formats and the Joomla Updater on/off settings. (Pro Version) All new configurations that will be added in upcoming versions will be added here also. 

The Joomla Updater settings needs to be turned off if you are not using it. Otherwise people may have access to the section of downloads by the Joomla Update responder. 


  • Items In List - The paginations if you want different settings than the main Joomla Settings
  • Columns - The amount of columns to be shown in the list - Default: 3
  • Redirect on Order - Where to redirect the customer after he/she clicked the order button (Checkout Page or Products Page
  • Show VAT Notice - If you are charging VAT, then you might want to show a message that the VAT is based on the customers country

Frontend Styling

  • Load Stylesheet - Loading the RD-Subscriptions CSS file or do you want to style everything yourself. 
  • Load Bootstrap - Loading Bootstrap in the component or did you load Bootstrap yourself in the template.

Product Page

The frontend page contains a "Product Teaser", you may set this to Yes/No.
When you set it to No the product tease ris being hidden from the pages. 

Checkout / Cart Page

  • Show Second Address Line - Show/Hide the second address line. 
  • Show Mobile Number - Show/Hide the mobile number
  • Show Coupons- Show/Hide the coupon section at checkout (Only available in Pro Versions)
  • Show Coupons Explanation - Showing an explanation of the coupon (Only available in Pro Versions)


The component has functionality to show Sub-Menu's on the frontend, you may decide in this section wether it should be on/off, where it should be visible and on which pages you want to disable this settings. Below the section in the image below you may disable the menu on several pages. 

rdsubs show submenu

Shop Owner Details

In the shop owner details you need to enter all information about your shop, this information can also being used on the invoice. 
The logo is available on the invoice too. More information about the invoice can be found in the documentation too.


The default settings for the mailer system. (This can be used in the email templates when you don't set specific settings inside the template)

rdsubs email settings


In the Pro version you will see a tab "Invoice", here you can set the default settings for your invoices. For those people who want to turn off Invoicing, you might want to turn this functionality off in this tab. Otherwise you can set the fefaults here. 

- Specifying the font and font-size. 
- Default settings for the margins of the page. 
- All other settings and layout settings needs to be done in the Template Manager.

rdsubs invoice settings

Renewals / Upgrades

All default settings for the renewals at your website and upgrades (from one product to another one) can be done here. Most of the settings are self explanatory in this tab.
Renewal buttons on or off. And which discount you want to give to a specific renewal. 

Following the settings in the example image below:

When the customer renews his/her subscription he/she will receive a 30% discount.
However, if he/she renews within 30 days of the subscription expiration, he/she will only receive a 20% discount.
And does he/she wait untill the last 15 days before renewing, he/she will only receive a 10% discount.
You can of course set this up how you want. For example, give the customer more discount in the last 30 or 15 days.

The upgrade discount in below example is set to 20%.
This means that if the company upgrades a subscription, he/she will receive a 20% discount.

For instance:
The customer already owns a subscription to Product A which costs € 25.
He/she then buys a subscription to Product X which contains Product A as a ‘Child Product’. Product X cost € 80. The customer will therfor receive a discount of € 16 (20% of $ 80) and will only have to pay € 64.

rdsubs renewals upgrade settings


The "Automation" is used by crontabs. (Read more about crontabs) This part of the configuration is crucial for your component. Please read carefully when enabeling crontabs.

  • Sending First & Second Subscriptions by email. -- You might want to notify customers about expiring subscriptions. The component is able to send out reminders for expiring subscriptions. (The days will be set in the Renewal/Upgrade tab) 
  • Removing Automated Coupons - When the component sends out these reminders, an automated coupon is being generated. To avoid a full database, the automated coupons might be removed by this script. 
  • Disable Subscriptions - Do you want to end subscriptions when the expiry date has been reached? 
  • Do you want to calculate statistics for your website, please turn it on :) 
  • Automated Database Cleanup; this will clean database tables. As the component is using a database driven ordering system we can use statistics, but your database don't need to be filled all the time, so once per day you might want to cleanthe database.
  • Days beforethe orders table needs to be cleaned. - In the example below, all orders older than 60 days is being removed. (recommended setting)
  • Orders to be removed per crontab. - Default is 1000, this will clean 1000 records, this process is executed on a daily base so at day X you might have 1500 records to clean, but the script will only clean 1000, the other 500 are being cleaned in the next cron. 

rdsubs automation

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