Products Overview

The product page is one of the most important pages in your website, below we will describe all settings in the views. The Product overview is showing everything without any difficulties, the view will be explained below. In the overview you are able to search on every item in the list. The dropdown buttons may be used to find a product easier based on their state.

Product Overview

rdsubs product overview

Product Status
Published / Unpublished

Product Name 
Total - Amount of subscriptions including history.

Product Price excluding VAT (if required)

The period being used for the product. 

Is this a product group?
(Pro version) You are able to assign more products to another product. 

To which group is this product attached. 

Is Public
Used for dropdowns all over the component.

Add/Edit Products

This screen is also divided in tabs. (We love them :) The "Details" tab contains the default settings for a product like pricing, periods, product image and some links which are being used on the product page. The "Prouduct Teaser" is a short text (140 chars) which is being used in the Product Overview. 

rdsubs product details

Product Teaser Example:

product teaser

Product Page Example (Buttons)

The buttons which are being filled in the "Details tab" are being shown if the valuse is filled.

rdsubs product pages example

Short & Long Description 

The short and long descriptions are shown in the product page also. See the image above; the text above the buttons is the short text and the part below the buttons is the long text. Both are only shown if filled out in the backend add/edit pages. If you don't fill out the short text the page is starting with buttons. 

File Categories 

All products needs download categories if you are using the component for downloads. Please make sure you have created some categories. You may assign as many categories as you like. When a customer buys a product he has access to all files in these categories as assigned here. This way you can assign one file to multiple products and or categories. 

EG: You have a Free and Pro version and want to allow the Pro customers to download from the "Free Categories" too, just assign the Free categories to the product.

Product A Pro has categories A (Pro Downloads) & B (Free Downloads) And Product B Free has only access to B

rdsubs product choose categories

Related Products

You can set unlimited related products, just select the items you want to show on the product page.We're assigning for example the "Apple" product to "Fruit"

rdsubs related products

Assign Usergroups

For Pro versions only, when you want to assign a client to a specific usergroup (For example to provide support or give acccess to a specific part of a forum) You can select the groups were the customer will be assigned too. (Requires the UserGroup Plugin) When the scubscription ends, the custoer will be removed from the group also.

rdsubs assign usergroups

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All our components are fully based on the Joomla API, this gives us flexibility so we can guarantee the quality of our products. When Joomla moves on, we're also moving on!