Coupons (Pro Version)

The coupon system is a very intuitive system which gives you lots of control about coupons. Let's describes the coupons functionality below:

Coupon Functionality

  • Setting Coupons in fixed amounts and percentages.
  • Assign coupons to a specific product / product group
  • Limit Coupon usage per coupon
  • Set Start & End date for coupons

coupon overview

Fixed / Percentage Based Coupons
You can set if you want your coupons being a fixed amount of money or a percentage of a product or the complete order. 
EG: 25% discount on product X of €20,00 for product Y

Product Based Coupons
When you're not selecting a product at all the coupon is valid for all products in cart. But sometimes you might want to give a discount on only one product, then you're able to select one of your products in a list where this coupon is valid. After a customer makes a purchase the discount will only be for this product. 

Limitation of usage
You can simply set the limit for this coupon to 10 and then the first 10 users will have the discount, all others will see a message that the coupon is invalid.

Starting & Ending a coupon.
Sometimes you want to give a discount for specific dates (like blue monday or christmas) they you're able to start a coupn on this date without even thinking on it at these days. It will start and stop automatically for you :)

Assigning a coupon to just one user? 
Yes, this is also possible, then adding the coupon you can assign the coupon to one user, this user needs to be logged in before it can be used.
 coupon add edit screen

Just for your information!

Sometimes you want to have e-commerce actions with specific different discounts, this is also possible. Then who comes first gets the highest discount. How does it work? Only a few steps and you're done!

  • Make 3 coupons with the same coupon code in the RD-Subscriptions backend. The only difference is a different percentage.
  • Set the date when it needs to start en when to end. 
  • The highest discoutn will be given to the first customers.


10 x 50% discount
15 x 30% discount
25 x 15% discount

After the 50% discounts are given to the first clients, it will pick the second coupon and applies this to the next 15 customers and so on! I will pick always the highest coupons for your customers. Just an awesome feature you need to know about:)

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