2Checkout Payments

First of you need to download the 2Checkout Express plugin from our website and install it in your website like any other plugin. After the plugin has been installed you can go to the plugin section of your website and enter the correct credentials for the plugin. 


Sandbox / Live Account on the 2Checkout website.
Online Test Environment otherwise it is not working as expected with 2Checkout.

Setting up the plugin.

plugin installed correctly

plugin settings


Please the currency the same as you use in the config of RD-Subscriptions. Available currencies are: AFN, ALL, DZD, ARS, AUD, AZN, BSD, BDT, BBD, BZD, BMD, BOB, BWP, BRL, GBP, BND, BGN, CAD, CLP, CNY, COP, CRC, HRK, CZK, DKK, DOP, XCD, EGP, EUR, FJD, GTQ, HKD, HNL, HUF, INR, IDR, ILS, JMD, JPY, KZT, KES, LAK, MMK, LBP, LRD, MOP, MYR, MVR, MRO, MUR, MXN, MAD, NPR, TWD, NZD, NIO, NOK, PKR, PGK, PEN, PHP, PLN, QAR, RON, RUB, WST, SAR, SCR, SGD, SBD, ZAR, KRW, LKR, SEK, CHF, SYP, THB, TOP, TTD, TRY, UAH, AED, USD, VUV, VND, XOF, YER.


When having the plugin in sandbox mode, you're able to test payments. No charges on any account will be processed. In the 2Checkout dashboard you can see the credit cards numbers which can be used for testing. Any future date for the card is accepted, also any CVC code is accepted by the 2Checkout sandbox. 
Keep in mind that testing the integration on a local machine (XAMPP/MAMPP/WAMPP) is not always working properly. 


The component RD-Subscriptions is able to make refunds to Payment Providers too. So if you want to make an automated refund being possible then turn on this option and read further documentation how and which settings are required to make this work.

Verify SSL

It is advised to turn this option on when using the live mode of the plugin. 

api settings 2checkout

We have implemented live and test credentials for the API, this way you can switch fast between test and live settings. The only change required is changing the sandbox settings. The plugin knows directly which credentials needs to be used then. 

Seller ID.

The seller ID can be obtained from your 2Checkout account. 

Private & Publishable Key.

The Private and Publishable key can be found in the 2Checkout Dashboard. Enter the live credentials in the upper boxes and the test/sandbox keys in the "Sandbox API Settings" boxes. Then you should be done.

API Username & API Password.

These 2 are the credentials of your account. Or better, your sub account (read more about this feature in the refunds part of this FAQ)

Refunds Functionality.

When you have enabled the refunds in the plugin the component RD-Subscriptions is able to refund the amount paid by your customers in 2 clicks. When you have enabled the the refunds it is required to enter the API username and API password from your account. (2Checkout login credentials) But this is very insecure, so you need to create a sub-account in 2Checkout. 

Login to your 2Checkout dashboard, go to "Account" and choose "User Management".

2checkout usermanagement

Create a new account at the User Manager. Give only access to the API and API updating so it is secure to use this user in the API Username & API Password boxes.

2checkout api user

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