Bank Transfer Payments

Within RD-Subscriptions it is possible to have the option "Pay Later", this gives the customer the option to pay the invoice by a bank transfer or any other payment method you like. After the payment an email is being sent (and shown) in the website to make the payment. 

Setup & Installation:

Installation is being done like any other plugin for Joomla;

  • Navigate to "Extensions"
  • Choose "Manage"
  • Choose "Install"
  • Go to the tab "Upload Package"
  • Install the plugin.

Setup is very easy to; 

  • Go to template section and create a new template. (See instruction below)
  • Then go to the plugin section of the site. 
  • Search for the plugin in the section "rdmedia_payment"
  • Publish the plugin.

Creating a new template:

Once you're in the template manager, you will be able to set custom messages by clicking the new button:

create new template for rdsubscriptions

The most important part of this message is the "Alias" as this one is used to send out the message and showing it onscreen. 
The Alias MUST be: banktransfer-payment-page

The rest of the template can be designed as all other templates, keep in mind that you can also send a payment link to your client which is not in the list for default variables as it is only used at one spot. (NOTE: sending a payment link is only available in version 2.1.5 and higher!)
To send out a payment link, you can use the variable: {payment_link} 

As soon as the customer clicks the link (or copied and pasted it) the script will change the session number and the old order is being loaded. After the order has been reloaded, the customer is being redirected to the checkout screens to make an online payment. The order and invoice will be created automatically after the orde rhas been completed. No double checkout is possible for a "Pay Later" order. 

Processing a Pending Payment from the backend.

OK, the customer did not choose to pay online and you received the payment. Which steps should be taken then? 

  • Go to the backend of the website and navigate to the RD-Subscriptions component. 
  • Choose the tab / button in cpanel for Transactions. 

pending transactions

As you can see there is one payment pending, when the online par tis being used (by the payment link) then the pending order is being removed automatically. Otherwise you have to process the order manually. 

Click on the green button before the customer name and a lightbox will appear;

processing order in backend

When the "Process" button is clicked, the order will be processed and in invoice will be send to the customer. 

order has been processed

invoice has been created

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