RD-Subscriptions PRO

RD-Subscriptions PRO

Are you struggling with Subscription Management in Joomla? And want to offer paid or free subscriptions and downloads for your components, modules or plugins? Or maybe you just need to sell content subscriptions or anything you like to sell with a subscription! This is your chance to get one of the most advanced Subscriptions Managers in Joomla! RD-Subscriptions offers all the basics for your download portal within the favorite Joomla! CMS. No need to upload all files many times for one product or difficult to understand how it works, we have it all!

Functionality for RD-Subscriptions Pro

  • Unlimited Products (paid & free)
  • Unlimited Download Categories
  • Unlimited Files
  • Advanced Customer Base
  • Invoice Management
  • Design your own invoice easily
  • Transaction Manager
  • Log Files for invoice & files
  • Add multiple products in cart
  • Products to product (related products)
  • Automated VAT Checker
  • Easy Akeeba Subs Migration
  • Assign Files to multiple categories
  • Unlimited categories per Product
  • Assign users to Joomla groups
  • Create Unlimited Product Groups
  • Upgrade discounts for groups
  • Two Step Checkout (Easy)
  • Fully Responsive (BS2 & BS3)
  • API Possibilities (create your own)
  • Many many plugin triggers
  • Renewal discounts
  • Advanced Coupon Manager
  • Automated Invoice Refund System
  • VAT per Country (EU Requirement)
  • Advanced Template Manager
  • Newsletter system per product
  • Advanced Download System
  • Advanced search in backend
  • Automated Updates (Joomla Updater)
  • Shopping Cart Module
  • Content Restriction Based on Sub.
  • Automated Subscriptions ending
  • Coupon Cather Plugin

Payment Plugins Available

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Want to use Bitcoins? Our partner (Weppsol) has created a payment plugin to receive Bitcoins!

We have tried many subscription managers before we desided to create our own files, download, customerbase and invoicing system. As many of the subscriptions managers are not that easy to use or just not flexible enough we created our own one! We have combined eveything into one system to have an all-in-one system. 

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Shopping Cart

Currently no.

Money Back Guarantee


For RD-Subscriptions ,RD-Autos and Release Easy we do offer a 30 Day Money Back guarantee! You can buy the component (Lifetime or 12 months Subscription) without any risks. No questions asked!

Credits & Thank You!

I was very happy with all the help from Peter van Westen (Regular Labs) He also developed many nice features in the component like the Grouped Products, the Advanced Coupon Manager and cleaned code! 

"Thank you for your great help, it was a great pleasure working with you!"

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Jeroen from Joomill helped me testing and reported several bugs, he discovered small and big issues. Thank you for testing Jeroen, I hope you will continue testing for upcoming releases also!

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Why Choose Us?

Latest Joomla! & PHP Versions!

We're always developing our components in the latest Joomla! and PHP environments! No need to be scared to run in troubles when your hosting company is updating their servers. We have probable tested it already ;)

100% Open Source

Our code is fully Open Source, so you can make changes to the code as much as you like! Making changes to the code? We can advise, but don't support your custom code. Using overides is the best thing to do!

Responsive Design

All extensions are as responsive as possible built on the shipped Joomla Bootstrap 2.x.x Library! We will soon make all our products compatible with Boostrap 3 to make sure it works on all Bootstrap versions.

Easy updating by the Joomla Updater

All components are being shipped with Joomla Update support, this means you don't have to upgrade manually anymore! The only thing you need to do is making sure you have entered a valid Download Key!

Quality Guaranteed

All our components are fully based on the Joomla API, this gives us flexibility so we can guarantee the quality of our products. When Joomla moves on, we're also moving on!

Service & Support

All our components are fully based on the Joomla API, this gives us flexibility so we can guarantee the quality of our products. When Joomla moves on, we're also moving on!