Vehicle Manager

The vehicle manager is the heart of the compoent :) The list is empty when starting fresh, otherwise it might look like this:

vehicle manager

The overview is pretty clear we think, we have search bars, drag and drop ordering the name and image of the vehicle and on the right side the publishing sate of the vehicle. Below the vehiclenames of the listing you have some labels to identify some statusses and availabillity.

Add/Edit Vehicles

To edit a vehicle you can select it by the checkbox or just click the name of the listing in the overview.

edit vehicle listing

On the left of the page you will have all basic listing details like Price, type body, makes and models and so on. 

Some things that might be useful to know:

Selecting Multiple Categories

Your're able to add a vehicle to one or more categories, just keep the control button of your keyboard pressed to select more categories. When using a MAC you need to press the CMD button. 

Price Information
Don't give comma's in your price, a comma is not supported in the database. When you need a commaseperated price use a dot instead of a comma. In the configuration you can choose the settings for the pricing view. 

The right part of the view:

extra settings vehicles

On the right side of the page you will find all kind of accordions, fill out the required information.

Additional Information:

Free text for your vehicle,this can be any HTML taht will be shown in the detail view of the vehicle page.

Vehicle option Selection:

Here you can select the predefined "Options" for this vehicle. You can make a predefined list of options for vehicles so you can have a checkbox in the frontend of the "Detail view" of the vehicle page.

Add Vehicle Options:

There are 2 vehicle image uploaders, below you will see the 2 options. In the multiple uploader you have keep in mind that you're limited by server settings. EG: when you have a maximum upload of 10MB per "Save" you can't select 20 images of 1 MB as you're trying to upload to many Megabytes.

image uploads single dealer

Upload Category Image

As it is not easy to define a category default image in a multi-uploader, we have chosen for an extra image upload field which uploads one image for the categories, searches and modules.

upload category image

Enter Metadata

For every vehicle you can add your own Metadata and Metatags, these are improving your SEO.
If you don't fill out anything it will use the default Joomla Configuration Metadata (tags and text)

Ordering images:

image ordering

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All our components are fully based on the Joomla API, this gives us flexibility so we can guarantee the quality of our products. When Joomla moves on, we're also moving on!