RD-Subscriptions Free 2.1.2

RD-Subscriptions Free 2.1.2

Version 2.1.2
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2016-06-13

Version 2.1.2

Improved Improved the date class which is now using JDate.
Improved Download configuration, now you can choose ordering..
Improved Hardcoded language strings to Joomla INI language files.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with {orders} not being converted to correct list of products in PayPal description.
Improved Adds message when URL coupon applies with check on products in cart 
Improved Adds 'Coupon Code Used' data field to subscription edit view 
New Added Added menu view to the updater XML feeds so you can add feeds for Joomla updater. 
Bug Fixed Fixes ordering in country list view and select to be alphabetical
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with null dates (0000-00-00) returning weird time
Bug Fixed Fix for: Issue #175: Upgrade discount not applied if upgrading to grandparent

Version 2.1.1

Bug Fixed Fix issue in the upgrader class. Rename column was not correctly defined.
Improved Message when the VIES check is down (3rd party VIES checker).

Version 2.1.0

Improved Improved the coupon template, only be shown when there is something to pay.
Improved Checkout script to prevent sending wrong amounts to payment providers.
Improved Adds fall-back to default label styling on label-inverse for BS 3 compatibility
Improved Prevents duplicate emails being added to email queue.
Improved Adds reminder_sent value to subscriptions to prevent duplicate reminder emails being created
Improved Makes cron job also send reminders to subs that have been skipped for any reason
Improved Coupon counter, which is now only counting at the end of the order.
Improved Checkout scripts - Merged functionality and separated others..
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with percentage (discount) values being converted to price format in messages
Improved Moves checkVatRates from dailyCron to runCron
New Added Added plug-in trigger onBeforeDownload
New Added Added onAfterRemoveSubscription in credit method
Improved MySubscriptions page: Issue #164 - Renewal button is missing the discount indication
Improved Renewal button is not showing the discount indication like the other buttons..
New Added Reminder settings - Added 3rd reminder...
Improved Reminders - Now possible to disable specific days of week to send out reminders. 
Bug Fixed Fixed critical bug in invoice download system
Improved Converted some text fields to selects in the configuration screen
Improved Changed redirect after removed latest order. (Issue #116)
Bug Fixed Add and remove usergroups is not being triggered from the subscription pages (when adding editing a subscription state)

Version 2.0.4

Bug Fixed Adds logging option and code on several parts of the component.
Removed Removed the * for the second address as it is optional
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with uaergroups not being added (array was expected in $data)
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VAT number not getting checked
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VIES number being saved when 'As Business' is not checked (and resulting in VAT not being applied)
New Added Fully  automated VAT rate updater system - no needs to update the rates yourself any more. (require enable logging to see check results. 

Version 2.0.3

Bug Fixed Fixes issue with the trigger onAfterProcessSubscription
Bug Fixed PHP Minimum was not in the select query, thus not shown in the updater XML.
New Added Logger file and option to turn it on/off in the configuration.
New Added Plug-in triggers in the backend to add your own tabs in the product pages.

Version 2.0.2

Bug Fixed Fixes issue with raw input fields that was stripping all HTML.

Version 2.0.1

Improved Updater XML feed, which is now supporting packages also. (Pro Version Only)
Improved File information with release date. (Pro Version Only)
Improved Payment classes for payment plug-ins which can now use a layout in the component.
Improved Improves registration code: No longer passes complete $post data to store method
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VAT being applied when VIES registration is valid
Improved Improved how VAT is checked (no longer duplicated)
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VAT not getting re-checked when switching off the 'Is Business' selection.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with RDSubsConfig not being defined when including RDSubsMessage from other location.
Improved MySubscriptions page with a Buy Now button for inactive subscriptions.
Improved Joomla Updater Script which has now PHP Minimum and able to serve packages.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with discounts always being converted to whole amount (int). So 25% of 30 = 7 instead of 7.50
Improved Component update script to prevent issues during an upgrade.
Bug Fixed Issue when turning off business registration and the VAT checker which is not needed then.

Fixed an issue with the automatic build system to skip the update path in the xml file to prevent errors during upgrades.

Version 2.0.0

Improved Adds ability to place a list of ordered products in the description of the paypal express payment using {orders}
Improved Makes invoice date also store time (Pro Version Only)
Improved Updating the userid in an order in an earlier stadium (during the registration instead of payment)
Improved Added item to XML file for watchful to detect (free/pro versions)
Bug Fixed Issue when entering the updater key which gave wrong message back. (Pro Version Only)
Improved The updater system to prevent downgrading in the component.
Improved Changed the maintainer URL pointing directly to release in updater XML file. (Pro Version Only)
Improved Adds trim on searches in the backed
Bug Fixed Removes old test code in the invoice screens. (Pro Version Only)
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with {price} returning negative in the refund email (Pro Version Only)
New Added PHP Minimum version to the updater script and file information (Pro Version Only)
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the VAT checker as it was not working any more for some reason.
Improved The download log when no customer is related to the download it showed no country any more.
New Added Responsive view for MySubscription page (including renewals & upgrading in one click) (Pro Version Only)
Improved The coupon class to be more flexible and session based checks. (Pro Version Only)
Bug Fixed Issue with the coupon based on the URL which was not working properly (Pro Version Only)
Bug Fixed Fixes issues with empty reply to email being added to emails
New Added Check so that product can not be added more times than max cart quantity allows
New Added Sets max count in quantity selection to 1 when item is has a lifetime period.
Improved Payment class to create your own payment plug-ins very easy! 
Improved One-Click coupon adding. (Pro Version Only)

Version 1.0.8

Bug Fixed Fixes issue with renewals not updating current records
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with {orderlist_simple} not working in response emails
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VIES check not working (on all set-ups)
Bug Fixed Fixes spelling mistakes
Improved Adds {invoice_netto_pre_vat} tag to invoice template
Bug Fixed Fixes file ID was not correctly, so download counter was not increasing on update by Joomla updater.

Version 1.0.7

Improved Made some more registration fields optional
Bug Fixed Fixes issue about "Can't use method return value in write context" (Products Model)
Bug Fixed removed a var_dump and die statement which were still there after testing.

Version 1.0.6

New Added Extra coloured labels to indicate if a coupon is still active.
New Added Adds default ordering to coupons table (newest first)
Improved Made product choice available when using the menu item Product Overview
Bug Fixed Added 2 missing language strings in the account registration.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with item price in pdf taken from current product price instead of price at time of sale.
Bug Fixed Fixes handling of price values in pdf.
Improved Adds ability to do simple comparisons in {if} tags, like: {if:item_amount!=1}
Bug Fixed Issue with the product selector in sending emails queue.

Version 1.0.5

Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the counter not counting the used coupons.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the filter on subscriptions (active/inactive/cancelled/refund) state
Bug Fixed Several minor issues in views.
New Added filter to the subscriptions page (Free/Paid subscriptions with default Paid)
New Added Extra coupon copy functionality
New Added It is now possible to have the same coupons twice. It will pick the highest coupon if valid.
Improved Saving a product will now check duplicate aliases.
Improved Minor layout things to be more clear (icons)

Version 1.0.4

Improved Adds an {orderlist_simple} to the message variables, which only lists the product names (no item/order id) 
Improved Coupon system which can now handle the same codes based on products. 
Improved Small parts of scripts to make it easier to maintain.
Improved Crontab system which is now protected with a password to identify the user which is accessing the tab.
Improved Error reporting on failures in registration process. Now showing real errors instead of notices.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the crontab, not sending email when no email addresses are set in the template.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the discount calculator.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with undefined property send_to showing (if not saved in template)
Bug Fixed Issue with the BCC functionality in the sendQmail cron
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the discount calculator - giving 100% discount in some settings.

Version 1.0.3

Improved Small piece of code to avoid Fatal Errors in servers which are running PHP 5.5 or below.
New Added Code to support watchful update system - now the PRO version supports Watchful with a unique download key.
Bug Fixed Counting reminders for the statistics database.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with price being converted twice, causing php error in pdf rendering.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue about missing argument in layouts.
Improved Fixes double conversion of dates and prices in messages (variables)
Improved Changed the earnings total in statistics total-discount is earnings.
Bug Fixed Fixed issues with BCC functionality in the message system and missing column in DB

Version 1.0.2

Bug Fixed Added 2 missing language string.
Bug Fixed Fixed some typos in the subscription helpers

Version 1.0.1

Bug Fixed Fixed all issues reported by the JED Checker

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