RD-Subscriptions 2.8.2

RD-Subscriptions 2.8.2

Version 2.8.2
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2019-04-10
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Version 2.8.2

Release Date: 10/04/2018  - Released By: Robert Dam

Improved Prevents product period from being changed after creation. (Preparing Recurring Subscriptions)
Improved Refactored Profile Page/Model/Controller
Improved Making it possible to use VAT system without VIES - By default VIES is turned on.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with subscriptions without a transaction id always showing in search results
Bug Fixed Issues with profile save not following component configuration correctly
[CHANGED] FreeGEoIP provideras the Free version has been taken over by another company. Now a token is required.
[CHANGED] Checking for a default country - If not than the country maybe not filled.
New Added Country & State library and moved some code to point to this country Library.
New Added Simplified registration class/namespace which is following the Joomla! standards.
New Added Export function to the subscribers view. Export will be done in XLSX format.

We did a lot of refactoring to use namespaces which is very time consuming. So we hope to improve more and faster from now on again.

Version 2.8.1

Release Date: 19/10/2018  - Released By: Robert Dam

Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the daily cron which was not properly triggered.

Version 2.8.0

Release Date: 19/10/2018  - Released By: Robert Dam Special Thanks: Ruud van Lent for testing the Pending Order System & Peter van Westen for code contribution

[CHANGED] Pending Orders and Transactions has been seperated for more flexibillity.
[CHANGED] Changed deprecated JHTML tags to new standard. (non deprecated)
[CHANGED] Changed the Control Panel and added panels for better look
Improved The updater System which has been moved into a namespace
Improved The updater System which has options to add Payment Plugins to the Joomla! updater system with the appropiate keys
Improved The Control which shows the current installed version and new versions available.
Improved Added ordercode to search options in subscriptions view
Improved Added ordercode to the subscriptions overview.
Bug Fixed Assigning results of the ArrayHelper to new variable to prevent unwanted results.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue for downloading files which should not be accessible - When the result is empty it should return an empty array.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with if checks checking for values or with multiple checks not working correctly
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with subscription-expired and subscription-expiry-email emails being sent when there is an active parent subscription (like a bundle)

Version 2.7.2

Release Date: 05/07/2018  - Released By: Robert Dam

Bug Fixed Issue with new registrations which was not recording temporary transactions in some environments.

Version 2.7.1

Release Date: 05/07/2018  - Released By: Robert Dam - Special Thanks: Pranav from Weppsol & Jeroen moolenschot for testing the GDPR settings!

Bug Fixed Database column which was probably not on the deployment server.

Version 2.7.0

Release Date: 04/07/2018  - Released By: Robert Dam - Special Thanks: Pranav from Weppsol & Jeroen moolenschot for testing the GDPR settings!

New Added GDPR Settings in the frontend wth Privacy Settings page for clients (Pro Version)
New Added New namespace for showing XML updater File for Joomla (Pro Version)
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with showing gross_price in email template, you can also use bruto_price as replacement.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with product ordering in the backend and thus also in the frontend when dragging and dropping new ordering
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with messed up item_id in the router. (Thnks for providing a fix by NorrNext)

Version 2.6.0

Release Date: 06/04/2018  - Released By: Robert Dam - Special Thanks: Ruud van Lent for testing things!

Bug Fixed Fixed issues with copying invoice numbers and strings inside the invoice_no treated as an integer
New Added Added access level check on releated cross sell products.
New Added Adding active products to the cross sell products so it is showing all button options.
New Added Added a subscribed button when no download link is provided.
New Added Added exclude reminders for product, this way you can avoid reminders for one time products.
New Added Added Send QMail to the cron file
New Added Added checksums to the file uploader as it will be required for upcoming Joomla versions
Improved Fixing an issue that some Joomla installations are not loading the filesystem.
Bug Fixed Small fix in subscription reminder sending when having free products. All reminders without an userid can be removed.
New Added Added fix to the space in an username - This should not be possible as Joomla doesn't create the user then.
Bug Fixed Unchained the mailer function as it may break in some Joomla! installations.
Bug Fixed Issues with the GeoIP loader and the updating the database..

Version 2.5.3

Bug Fixed Issue with the download button for files in the backend.
Improved Making it possible to make the download push with the original name.
Improved Added the page title to the title of the page instead of the language string which is now used.
Bug Fixed Preventing an undefined notice issue in the product overview.
Bug Fixed Added extra plugin trigger in Control panel: onAfterShowControlPanelTiles
Bug Fixed Fixed an issue when updating the temporary transaction, in some cases with userid 0 which causes failed payments.

Version 2.5.2

Improved #335: Payment Information in subscription view without invoice
Improved Product overview and showing a download button now instead of a buy now button when somebody has an active sub already **
Bug Fixed #338: Wrong URL in Administrator Submenu, has been fixed and will now use the correct one.
Bug Fixed #341: Added extra local IP addresses and removed my own IP address
Bug Fixed #339: No validation of & symbol in XML update description.
Bug Fixed Fixed notice when adding new product with empty usergroups.
Bug Fixed Fixed issues with the GeoIP database update system, when the database is still corrupt after an update the fallback to the API will be used.

** When using this functionality ou need to update your layout overrides
-- product_list.php
-- product_list_item.php

Version 2.5.1

Bug Fixed Fixed issue with coupons when products has been chosen and switch to full order the product ids aren't removed.
Bug Fixed Fixed product copy issue, I probably removed a function which was still in use.
Bug Fixed Added PDF as allowed extension for uploading files.
Improved Moved RDSubsDate Class to Namespace Date

Version 2.5.0

New Added FreeGeoIP API as fallback for the GeoIP database.
New Added Full Dropbox support for downloads and invoices.
[CHANGED] Option to stop updating the MaxMind Database automatically (needed when switching to the API. (http://freegeoip.net)
Improved The download part for the Maxmind Database which includes a MD5 Checksum test.
New Added States/Region Support for checkout/profile and backend users page
Improved onBeforeDownload trigger for downloads via updater. 
Improved Download System completely, included an option to set your custom download name.
Bug Fixed Many small fixes from the issue tracker.
Bug Fixed #330: File downloads becomes corrupt
Improved #316: Add robots meta tag to checkout page when a menu items is present.
Improved  #289: Improved multiple / differentiated BCC for email templates
Bug Fixed  #294: Unable to remove uploaded thumbnail (Files and Products)
Bug Fixed  #311: Error saving options due to Grace Period # days = 0
Bug Fixed  #313: No stop trigger when you activate free product
Improved #328: Added 'Download log' submenu
Improved #318: {product} tag in email template not replaced

Version 2.4.0

Removed Old GEOIP library as it was giving to much issues.
New Added Trigger to load the new GEOIP IP dataase library which is seperately installed.
Improved Fixed some small issues with the GEOIP library when it is loaded already.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with JFile on some servers.
Improved Partially implements extra VAT field for non-EU businesses (VIES Check can be turned off!)
New Added PHP Check in script file for 5.4 or higher. (Required for GEOIP)
ImprovedConverts css files to less
ImprovedChanges code styling: php 5.4 array shorthand
ImprovedAdding onContentPrepareData trigger for product
ImprovedMakes rdsubs url with no just product name fall back on order product view
Bug Fixed#314 Fix routing for products with menu-item
Bug Fixed#315 Use config setting to show/hide coupon field

Version 2.3.3

Improved Fixed some small issues with the GEOIP library when it is loaded already.
Improved Removed duplicate language keys.
New Added Extra trigger for Perfect Dashboard when downloads fails.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with error showing that email already exists when trying to change email address.
Bug Fixed Removed unused language files from component section (Backend)
New Added Adds possibility to also search for used coupon code and transaction code in subscriptions list.
Improved Adds has_lifetime and has_onetime boolean variables to the message, so you can use this in the message if checks.
New Added Adds ‘Last Use’ column to coupons list view.
Improved Replaces  JArrayHelper with ArrayHelper
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with fatal error about generateInvoiceNumber on refund
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with coupon usage counter not working properly.

Version 2.3.2

Improved #000 Code improvements and code styling.
[CHANGED] #000 Moves email preview from tooltip to toggle div inside table of email queue list view
Bug Fixed #000 Fixes issue with second and third expiry reminders never getting sent.
Bug Fixed #307 - Package updater XML feed -- Frontend/Backend parameter was incorrect.
Bug Fixed #308 - Fixed issues when tryting to renew an unpublished product. Button is now disabled.
Improved #000 Added extra filters to subscription overview & download log overview.
Improved #000 Fixed some missing lang strings
Improved #000 Adds ability to set a grace period for renewals
Improved #306 Added extra filters in the top filters (backend)
New Added #305 Added the option to subscribe only once to a one time sub, can't be renewed or subscribed again. 
New Added #000 Added an extra trigger in the downlad section
Improved Resolved Issue #310 - Disabled renew button on unpublished products
Improved #000 Update the database for the ordercode system - Now duplicate ordercodes are not possible anymore. 

Version 2.3.1

Bug Fixed #296: Fatal Error on some servers when not having page titles entered.
Bug Fixed #295: Undefined indexes/properties on multiple spots in the code.
Bug Fixed #298: Wrong file extension for direct download when using dots in the filename.
Bug Fixed #302: Nginx issue when trying to apply a coupon (404 error as no Jroute was used)
Improved #293: Purge Temp transactions on cron - can turned on and off.
Improved #299: Change text in product add/edit when adding usergroups
Improved #300: Add {transaction_id} and {payment_provider} to the invoice template
Improved #301: Missing element in update manifest for module (front/backend) choice when adding file.
Bug Fixed #000 Fixes issue with user id not being added to order on process
Bug Fixed #000 Fixes issue with client being tried multiple times (including output of error) when it fails
Bug Fixed #000 Fixes issue with fatal php error when vat soap client fails to get created

Special thanks to Peter van Westen - Regular Labs for fixing some bugs for me and provided me some nice code again!

Version 2.3.0

Bug Fixed Issue with an empty cart in the FREE version.
Bug Fixed Issue with the amount to be paid in the FREE version.
Bug Fixed Message in the backend which was wrong.
Bug Fixed Ticket #285 - Productlink in My Subscriptions going 'nowhere'
Bug Fixed Ticket #276 - Fixed PHP notices in mysubscription view
Bug Fixed Ticket #280 - Added a temporary solution for the empty amounts in the checkout.
Improved Ticket #262 - Show payment processors when there is only 1 (made it configurable)
Improved Ticket #245 - Invoice Numbering has been improved. (Check Documentation)
Improved Ticket #292: execute content plugins also on 'short description'

Version 2.2.4

Bug Fixed Some small PHP notices
Bug Fixed Ticket #276 - refund was possible without checking the agreement checkbox.
Bug Fixed Ticket #184 Added CSS loader to the invoices screen.
Bug Fixed Ticket #243 No translations for submenu items, added to the sys.ini file.
Bug Fixed Ticket #275 AcyMailing plugin: missing to_mailinglists column (has been added to the component core)
Bug Fixed Ticket #271 PHP Notice should be fixed
Improved Ticket #269 Download name from md5 string to real file name. 
Improved Ticket #262 Hide payment options in checkout when there is only one payment option
Improved Ticket #268 Added custom redirect after emptying cart
Improved Ticket #263 Added content plugin trigger in the long description of the product (Product View)
[CHANGED] Ticket #258 inserting rounded amounts in the invoice table instead of more than 2 decimals.
[CHANGED] Ticket #256 Helvetica font doesn't support full UTF-8 special characters. (Message in config now)
[CHANGED] Ticket #247 Download ID showing on subscription with downloads only (my subscription view)
Bug Fixed Ticket #282 Fixed missing language string in coupon section (backend)

value from menu item settings on Products page
[CHANGED] Ticket #278 Change order of meta tags at back-end side

value from menu item settings on Products page

Version 2.2.3

Bug Fixed Issue #265 - Change in language file (Public Product Description)
Bug Fixed Issue #246: dropdown country selector not respecting unpublished countries
Improved Issue #196: Title, Meta-description and data fields
Improved Issue #265: Edit Product view description of "Is Public" is incorrect.
Improved Issue #254: Field *amounts* is empty when user clicking on "Proceed to Payment" button (fallback function)
Improved Issue #186: Account creation linked to self registration setting. (registration can be turned off now)
New Added Issue #213: Add access levels to product items
Improved Issue #250: email asked when buying product for logged in user?
Improved Issue #243: UI: RD-Subscription submenu's
[BUGFIXED ]Issue #168: No name (only email) in download log view (back-end)
[BUGFIXED ]Issue #239: Vat not in checkout but added in PayPal
Bug Fixed Issue with renewals given to random customers. (without being logged in)

Version 2.2.2

Bug Fixed Prevents undefined property in the Free version Checkout.
Bug Fixed Issue #240 - Undefined notices in account fields
Bug Fixed Issue #238 - Fixed Issue download names with original names

Version 2.2.1

Improved Issue #230 - Made subfolder support available
Bug Fixed Issue #229 - Hardcoded language string
Bug Fixed Issue #235 - Disabled buttons when turning on TOS
Improved Issue #232 - Redirect if product is unpublished
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with php warning if created/modified values are not set in product
New Added Added trigger listener for the log-me-in plugin.
Improved Code Cleanups in several files.

Version 2.2.0

Bug Fixed #228: Invoice date is always now - also when an invoice is being regenerated.
New Added #226: Remove invoices in back-end have been added
New Added #149: Setting all VAT countries including rates
Bug Fixed #215: SQL syntax error when save empty e-mail in message queue
New Added #158: Configuration Accept Terms and Conditions.
New Added #173: Added payment link to offline payment method
Improved #218: Limits on uploading large files (now possible to choose files from server)
Bug Fixed #190: Checkout page: validation and URL issues
Improved #217: Backend: change number of items to be displayed at the page +ordering
Improved #216: Users always register as "Business" - Option is now being saved
Improved #197: Need to keep up original file names for downloads on server
Improved #219: Add ID column in list of products (backend)
Bug Fixed #214: Alias issue when edit files (gave duplicate error)
Improved #209: No date field in product - has been added (including edit date)
Improved #205: Content URL in product page (like Akeeba Subs has)
New Added #193: Add "Download it" button at My Subscriptions page
[FIXED] #184: Incomplete bootstrap loading + fix :)
[FIXED] #160: Checkout: New customer form does not redirect properly on error

Version 2.1.4

Bug Fixed Fix for Issue #197: Fixing duplicated alias issue for file.
Bug Fixed Fixed Issue #184 Fixed issue for non bootstrap templates, now the CSS will be loaded
Bug Fixed Fixed Issue #188 - No checkout without session 
New Added Added create/updated date to product pages
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with list view config settings not affecting initial results (only form selection)
New Added Added metadata and tags to product
Improved Increased the amount of VAT checks in our own API. Now 4 checks a day which required code changes in component.
[CHANGED] Fixed Issue #203 - Continue shopping URL change to ptroducts view in order to keep modules in positions.

Version 2.1.3

Bug Fixed Fix for: Issue #178: Migration tool not working due to database changes.
Bug Fixed Some issues with the reminders not being sent.
Improved Subscription overview with renewal/purchase date.
Improved Invoice screen and cleanup invoice class..
Improved Backend administrator menu with icons.
New Added Payment State to the invoice (PAID/UNPAID).
New Added Banktransfer processing is now available in backend

Version 2.1.2

Improved Improved the date class which is now using JDate.
Improved Download configuration, now you can choose ordering..
Improved Hardcoded language strings to Joomla INI language files.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with {orders} not being converted to correct list of products in PayPal description.
Improved Adds message when URL coupon applies with check on products in cart 
Improved Adds 'Coupon Code Used' data field to subscription edit view 
New Added Added menu view to the updater XML feeds so you can add feeds for Joomla updater. 
Bug Fixed Fixes ordering in country list view and select to be alphabetical
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with null dates (0000-00-00) returning weird time
Bug Fixed Fix for: Issue #175: Upgrade discount not applied if upgrading to grandparent

Version 2.1.1

Bug Fixed Fix issue in the upgrader class. Rename column was not correctly defined.

Version 2.1.0

Improved Improved the coupon template, only be shown when there is something to pay.
Improved Checkout script to prevent sending wrong amounts to payment providers.
Improved Adds fall-back to default label styling on label-inverse for BS 3 compatibility
Improved Prevents duplicate emails being added to email queue.
Improved Adds reminder_sent value to subscriptions to prevent duplicate reminder emails being created
Improved Makes cron job also send reminders to subs that have been skipped for any reason
Improved Coupon counter, which is now only counting at the end of the order.
Improved Checkout scripts - Merged functionality and separated others..
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with percentage (discount) values being converted to price format in messages
Improved Moves checkVatRates from dailyCron to runCron
New Added Added plug-in trigger onBeforeDownload
New Added Added onAfterRemoveSubscription in credit method
Improved MySubscriptions page: Issue #164 - Renewal button is missing the discount indication
Improved Renewal button is not showing the discount indication like the other buttons..
New Added Reminder settings - Added 3rd reminder...
Improved Reminders - Now possible to disable specific days of week to send out reminders. 
Bug Fixed Fixed critical bug in invoice download system
Improved Converted some text fields to selects in the configuration screen
Improved Changed redirect after removed latest order. (Issue #116)
Bug Fixed Add and remove usergroups is not being triggered from the subscription pages (when adding editing a subscription state)

Version 2.0.4

Bug Fixed Adds logging option and code on several parts of the component.
Removed Removed the * for the second address as it is optional
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with uaergroups not being added (array was expected in $data)
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VAT number not getting checked
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VIES number being saved when 'As Business' is not checked (and resulting in VAT not being applied)
New Added Fully  automated VAT rate updater system - no needs to update the rates yourself any more. (require enable logging to see check results. 

Version 2.0.3

Bug Fixed Fixes issue with the trigger onAfterProcessSubscription
Bug Fixed PHP Minimum was not in the select query, thus not shown in the updater XML.
New Added Logger file and option to turn it on/off in the configuration.
New Added Plug-in triggers in the backend to add your own tabs in the product pages.

Version 2.0.2

Bug Fixed Fixes issue with raw input fields that was stripping all HTML.

Version 2.0.1

Improved Updater XML feed, which is now supporting packages also. (Pro Version Only)
Improved File information with release date. (Pro Version Only)
Improved Payment classes for payment plug-ins which can now use a layout in the component.
Improved Improves registration code: No longer passes complete $post data to store method
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VAT being applied when VIES registration is valid
Improved Improved how VAT is checked (no longer duplicated)
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VAT not getting re-checked when switching off the 'Is Business' selection.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with RDSubsConfig not being defined when including RDSubsMessage from other location.
Improved MySubscriptions page with a Buy Now button for inactive subscriptions.
Improved Joomla Updater Script which has now PHP Minimum and able to serve packages.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with discounts always being converted to whole amount (int). So 25% of 30 = 7 instead of 7.50
Improved Component update script to prevent issues during an upgrade.
Bug Fixed Issue when turning off business registration and the VAT checker which is not needed then.

Fixed an issue with the automatic build system to skip the update path in the xml file to prevent errors during upgrades.

Version 2.0.0

Improved Adds ability to place a list of ordered products in the description of the paypal express payment using {orders}
Improved Makes invoice date also store time (Pro Version Only)
Improved Updating the userid in an order in an earlier stadium (during the registration instead of payment)
Improved Added item to XML file for watchful to detect (free/pro versions)
Bug Fixed Issue when entering the updater key which gave wrong message back. (Pro Version Only)
Improved The updater system to prevent downgrading in the component.
Improved Changed the maintainer URL pointing directly to release in updater XML file. (Pro Version Only)
Improved Adds trim on searches in the backed
Bug Fixed Removes old test code in the invoice screens. (Pro Version Only)
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with {price} returning negative in the refund email (Pro Version Only)
New Added PHP Minimum version to the updater script and file information (Pro Version Only)
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the VAT checker as it was not working any more for some reason.
Improved The download log when no customer is related to the download it showed no country any more.
New Added Responsive view for MySubscription page (including renewals & upgrading in one click) (Pro Version Only)
Improved The coupon class to be more flexible and session based checks. (Pro Version Only)
Bug Fixed Issue with the coupon based on the URL which was not working properly (Pro Version Only)
Bug Fixed Fixes issues with empty reply to email being added to emails
New Added Check so that product can not be added more times than max cart quantity allows
New Added Sets max count in quantity selection to 1 when item is has a lifetime period.
Improved Payment class to create your own payment plug-ins very easy! 
Improved One-Click coupon adding. (Pro Version Only)

Version 1.0.8

Bug Fixed Fixes issue with renewals not updating current records
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with {orderlist_simple} not working in response emails
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with VIES check not working (on all set-ups)
Bug Fixed Fixes spelling mistakes
Improved Adds {invoice_netto_pre_vat} tag to invoice template
Bug Fixed Fixes file ID was not correctly, so download counter was not increasing on update by Joomla updater.

Version 1.0.7

Improved Made some more registration fields optional
Bug Fixed Fixes issue about "Can't use method return value in write context" (Products Model)
Bug Fixed removed a var_dump and die statement which were still there after testing.

Version 1.0.6

New Added Extra coloured labels to indicate if a coupon is still active.
New Added Adds default ordering to coupons table (newest first)
Improved Made product choice available when using the menu item Product Overview
Bug Fixed Added 2 missing language strings in the account registration.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with item price in pdf taken from current product price instead of price at time of sale.
Bug Fixed Fixes handling of price values in pdf.
Improved Adds ability to do simple comparisons in {if} tags, like: {if:item_amount!=1}
Bug Fixed Issue with the product selector in sending emails queue.

Version 1.0.5

Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the counter not counting the used coupons.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the filter on subscriptions (active/inactive/cancelled/refund) state
Bug Fixed Several minor issues in views.
New Added filter to the subscriptions page (Free/Paid subscriptions with default Paid)
New Added Extra coupon copy functionality
New Added It is now possible to have the same coupons twice. It will pick the highest coupon if valid.
Improved Saving a product will now check duplicate aliases.
Improved Minor layout things to be more clear (icons)

Version 1.0.4

Improved Adds an {orderlist_simple} to the message variables, which only lists the product names (no item/order id) 
Improved Coupon system which can now handle the same codes based on products. 
Improved Small parts of scripts to make it easier to maintain.
Improved Crontab system which is now protected with a password to identify the user which is accessing the tab.
Improved Error reporting on failures in registration process. Now showing real errors instead of notices.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the crontab, not sending email when no email addresses are set in the template.
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the discount calculator.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with undefined property send_to showing (if not saved in template)
Bug Fixed Issue with the BCC functionality in the sendQmail cron
Bug Fixed Fixed issue with the discount calculator - giving 100% discount in some settings.

Version 1.0.3

Improved Small piece of code to avoid Fatal Errors in servers which are running PHP 5.5 or below.
New Added Code to support watchful update system - now the PRO version supports Watchful with a unique download key.
Bug Fixed Counting reminders for the statistics database.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue with price being converted twice, causing php error in pdf rendering.
Bug Fixed Fixes issue about missing argument in layouts.
Improved Fixes double conversion of dates and prices in messages (variables)
Improved Changed the earnings total in statistics total-discount is earnings.
Bug Fixed Fixed issues with BCC functionality in the message system and missing column in DB

Version 1.0.2

Bug Fixed Added 2 missing language string.
Bug Fixed Fixed some typos in the subscription helpers

Version 1.0.1

Bug Fixed Fixed all issues reported by the JED Checker

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  • Some extensions may provide further instructions on installation.
  • Note that modules and plugins must be enabled before they will work.

There are some situations in which this procedure will not work.

Sometimes you need to unzip the file locally prior to installing. If you get an error saying that the file is not in the correct format, the need to unzip is a common cause of this. After unzipping try installing the individual items. Note that the files you upload using the installer still need to be zipped.

Sometimes you cannot use the automated installer. For example, very large extensions may exceed the maximum upload size allowed by your host.

Upgrading a component, module or plugin:

First of all you have to make a backup of the component/module/plugin before installing an updated version. You might want to take a look at https://www.akeebabackup.com/ 

After you have made a backup, please upgrade your component and check if everything is working fine. 

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