Single Dealer Including DB 4.1.2

Single Dealer Including DB 4.1.2

Version 4.1.2
Maturity Stable
Release Date 2017-04-20
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Single Dealer 4.1.2

Bug Fixed #060 Ordering was not saved correctly in the config.
Bug Fixed #060 Fixed a translation issue related to above issue.
Bug Fixed #061 Removed some debug code.

Single Dealer 4.1.1

Bug Fixed #000 - Fixed issues with the chained dropdowns in the application manager.

Single Dealer 4.1.0

[CHANGED] #000 Changed database column carroserie to VARCHAR for import possebillities..
Improved #059 - Improved the label system to make it more flexible.
Bug Fixed #057 - Fixed issues with the part system.
New Added #058 - Added a "Save" button in the part edit/add screens.
Bug Fixed #043 - Fixed some small CSS issues for BS3.
Bug Fixed #054 - Fixed issues with uploading images for parts (PHP5.6).
Bug Fixed #053 - Fixed some small default settings
Bug Fixed #053 - Added 6 doors to the options for small trucks and busses.

Single Dealer 4.0.8

Bug Fixed #051 Saving the vehicle form will set filters has been fixed.
Bug Fixed #050 Redirect after saving vehicle not correctly (save / save and close)
Bug Fixed #049 2 Configuration fields not acting as designed.
Bug Fixed #000 Fixed a bootstrap issue in the frontend details view.

Single Dealer 4.0.6

Improved #000 Changed the default search year in the search pages and removed 1960 as default.
Bug Fixed #000 Fixed the issue with the update date when adding vehicles.
?Bug Fixed #000 Fixed missing language strings

Single Dealer 4.0.5

Bug Fixed #041 Fixed issue with the label system which did not show up

Single Dealer 4.0.3:

Bug Fixed #035 Issue with Search module giving an error in the component
Bug Fixed #026 Mileage Unit in Dropdown
Bug Fixed #011 Missing spaces in frontend between doos and amount
New Added #009 Copying vehicles became possible in the backend
Bug Fixed #025 Missing translation fixed
Bug Fixed #027 Removed typo in the backend
Improved #028 Made category required before saving the vehicle
Bug Fixed #032 Fixed missing language string
Bug Fixed #029 Removed Archives and Trashed vehicles as it unused
Bug Fixed #031 Parts -> ordering column is not present in all installation.

Single Dealer 4.0.2:

Bug Fixed #022 Option default language - Changed default language to frontend.
Bug Fixed #024 New button in options screen is not needed. - Removed it
Bug Fixed #017 Fixed some PHP notices in the scripts and on the PHP log.
Bug Fixed #021 Publishing state is not saved when edit option
Bug Fixed #023 Fixed typo in category edit page

Single Dealer 4.0.1:

Bug Fixed #014 Delete translation in options, was not deleting anything.
Bug Fixed #017 Fixed some PHP notices in the scripts and on the PHP log.
Bug Fixed #018 Fixed issue when creating a translation for an option - not sending the type.
Improved #019 Edit Translations was only possible by checkbox - added link.

Single Dealer 4.0.0:

Version 4.0 is a rebuild of all previous versions version and ready to work with the latest versions. Manysmall  issues has been fixed and thebackend has been renewed to get a better overview. When using Version 3.x.x and upgrading to the new version then please check all views as we have added full Bootstrap 3 support now. 

Please update your plugins and modules also to the newest version (version numbers starting with 4.x.x)

Single Dealer 3.3.8:

Bug Fixed issues with the captcha and Joomla 3.5.1 which has a different way of working now.
Improved Mailer script to prevent the invalid address in Joomla 3.5.1.

Single Dealer 3.3.7:

Improved Made preparations for the Autoscout uploader.
Improved Labels System - Added new vehicle to CSS and code.
Improved Submenu to be on top of the page instead the left bar to have some more space
New Added Font Awesome for later usage

Single Dealer 3.3.6:

Bug Fixed Removed double slashes to avoid Fatal Error in enquiry form.
Bug Fixed Prevent enquiries sent to addresses as some were adding these. 
Removed catid column from the information tables - dynamicall since 2+ versions.
New Added saving userid to the information table.
New Added userid column to the information for later usage.

Single Dealer 3.3.5:

Bug Fixed Issues with the import script for models.
Bug Fixed Changed link to new website when clicking the buy makes/models button.
Improved Dynamic headers which can be updated by the release scripts
Improved Update SQL Scripts, are dynaically executed instead of reading files.

Single Dealer 3.3.4:

New Added Add configuration to database checker
New Added Create new ordering like Joomla Drag and Drop
Improved New Search bar has been implemented in backend.
Improved New publishing quick (un)publish buttons have been added.
Improved Added Metatags & Metadata to categorie and categories pages.
Bug Fixed Fixed an issue with the send a friend copy
Bug Fixed Fixed an issue captcha in enquiry form. (not all server were accepting it the way it was written
Improved Cleanup in scripts part 1/2

If you have made some changes in the CSS files, please make an override for it now as we're going to change it in the next version. All old files will be removed but loaded if there is an override for it.

Single Dealer 3.3.3:

Improved jQuery noConflict mode changed.
New Added Automatic Updater by Joomla with Key
Bug Fixed Issues with pricing in overviews.
Bug Fixed Could not enquire/send a friend without reCaptcha
Bug Fixed Category Ordering not working properly
Bug Fixed Send a Friend gives Token error.
New Added Parts ordering

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